If you have ever wanted to own a yacht that would make James Bond proud, that opportunity is now available. Contact Mazu Yachts in Turkey and order of one of their new 82s. Just be prepared for a hefty price tag. A yacht offering everything that 82 brings to the table doesn’t come cheaply.

The most striking feature of the yacht’s exterior is its carbon fiber hull. Pictures from Mazu show the hull in both black and silver, a feat that is combined by either adding pigment to the resin during fabricating or applying a post-fabrication layer on top of the carbon fiber.

At any rate, the combination of carbon fiber and a slick design absolutely makes this vessel look like something out of a James Bond flick. It has 21st-century spy action written all over it. Stepping inside the vessel reveals a level of luxury suitable to the Bond lifestyle.

Weight Plays a Big Role

Carbon fiber is fast becoming the go-to material for boat hulls explains Rock West Composites. If you know what makes carbon fiber so special, you understand why. The material is both lighter and stronger than aluminum and steel. If you are trying to build a yacht that weighs less, starting with a carbon fiber hull automatically offers significant weight savings.

A lighter hull lets you do more with less in terms of your engines. Mazu’s 82 is a prime example. Its three Volvo engines offer smooth cruising it up to 40 knots without taking up a lot of space. That leaves more room for many of the fine amenities luxury yacht owners expect to have.

Below Deck

The below deck is comfortable and modern living spaces accented by modern, freestanding furniture. Mazu incorporates quite a bit of wood and brass along with more modern materials to create a contemporary design offering plenty of space for owners and guests.

To ensure that the living spaces stay well lit, there is a glass roof that towers over the top of the structure to allow plenty of natural light in. The roof can be opened to increase airflow as well. Interior spaces are so well-designed that you might forget you are staying in a yacht.

Above Deck

The upper level of the 82 features an impressive deck. Near the front is the command center, a place for pilot and copilot to operate the yacht with a full 360° view. The entire cockpit is surrounded by the bulletproof glass from floor to ceiling for an unobstructed view at all times.

Behind the cockpit is a wide-open space that can be left as such or configured for additional living space. Outside are fore and aft decks capable of hosting a variety of furniture pieces, including a formal dining room table. The extreme aft offers a set of stairs to take you down to water level – the perfect spot for sunbathing, setting up for a swim, or launching one of your many water toys.

It is clear that the Mazu 82 is not a typical yacht for the typical boat enthusiast. It is a top-of-the-line watercraft for which Mazu has spared no expense. Its base cost starts out high enough thanks to the carbon fiber hull. Add in everything else that makes this yacht so special and the price goes through the roof.

If you can afford it, the Mazu 82 is a yacht that James Bond would be proud to sail on. It looks every bit the part. From its sleek, futuristic exterior to its amenity-rich interior, the 82 is truly a sight to behold.