There are several Magento 2 Search Extensions to choose from. Each comes with its own description, features and advantages depending on your website. 2018 has seen a rise in the number of E-commerce websites. There is thus a lot more competition to contend with, something that brings with it the need to offer all your potential customers the best. The sort of search experience that your visitors get directly determines the sales that you pull in. We took the time to compile for you 5 of the best search extensions from Mageplaza. These are the highest ranked on the website and the ones with the best reviews. We hope this list proves invaluable to you.

  1. Amasty

If you have a large collection of products and the speed of the search is the most important aspect of your sales, then this is the best Magento 2 Search Extension for you. It delivers results in an instant upon typing in the quick search box. It also has the added advantage of displaying other related suggestions to the search ensuring that a client knows all their options from a single search.

Other features include:

  • AutoComplete capabilities
  • A customizable pop-up search box
  • Display of both popular and recent searches in the results
  • A pop-up “add-to-cart” button for convenience
  • Ability to search for the products, categories and the CMS pages
  1. Mageworx

With this Magento 2 Search Extension, you get the maximum search results in relation to the first letter of the search. This makes the search process faster and delivers a wider variety of products for the customers to sample. This drives up the sales and increases the conversion rates.

Other features include:

  • The ability to determine the connection timeout time
  • The ability to integrate some Sphinx settings. They are usually pre-determined
  • Ability to validate the configuration file
  • Ability to modify the Sphinx function
  • Ability to customize the rankers of the search results
  1. Mageplaza

This is a Magento 2 Search Extension that best fits the beginners that are just setting up their stores. It helps potential customers to quickly search and find the products that they are looking for. It also provides them a long list of related suggestions. This is a good way to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

  • Other features of this extension include:
  • Support for more than 10,000 SUKs
  • Results autocomplete in a pop-up box
  • Easy customization thanks to the flexible configurations
  • Multi-language support

Another search extension from Mageplaza worth mentioning is Mirasvit. This is because it makes finding products easier. Results are displayed as soon as the first character is input in the search box. This makes it easier for customers to find the products even if they only know a few of the characters that make up its name. it is a good tool for bettering the shopping experience as it reduces frustrations from poor spelling and helps motivate the customers to do more purchasing.

Thera is several other good Magento 2 Search Extensions like:

  • Landofcoder
  • Cmsideas
  • Magedelight
  • Mconnectmedia
  • Neklo
  • Webtexsoftware
  • Wyomind

Just to mention a few. They help to revolutionize how customers search for products on your website and what they see during those searches. As they cost money, it is always good to go for the most reputable Magento 2 Search Extension that falls within your price range.