At Smithfield Foods, we’re passionate about feeding people it’s what we have been doing for long time. We’re are proud to lend a helping hand in the role of providing nutritious, high-quality protein to many Americans through the Feeding America network of food banks located across the country.

We have always been passionate about projects that create a positive, lasting impact on communities and people in need. For Smithfield foods coming into this role and helping to develop the Smithfield’s Helping Hungry Homes initiative, has been a 12 year journey.

According to the USDA, 42 million Americans are food insecure which is a surprising statistic. Meaning 1 in 8 folks nationally may not be sure exactly where their subsequent meal will come from. We have been working to alter this situation by means of education and learning, volunteerism and also donations to individuals in need via local organizations. From now through the end of the calendar year, Helping Hungry Homes will give close to 1 million lbs of proteins to the Feeding America community of food banks. This kind of sizable gift will likely be developed straight into more than 830, 000 meals for our friends and neighbors who might be in need today.

The Smithfield family is likewise committed to this cause by hosting and sponsoring food drives at the our facilities plus taking the intuitive in helping out within neighborhood food banks, where many people will be stocking up shelving and arranging food merchandise. Together with each other, we are extremely pleased to partner with Feeding America to help make a change. In the course of our long-lasting alliance, we now have made available large numbers of meals to aid people in America struggling with hunger, this won Smithfield Foods the acceptance of Guiding Partner.

Hopefully all of our work could invigorate other folks and companies to join us in the battle against hunger and lack of food. It truly is necessary to turn into a good advocate so to all that want to help. Volunteer at your nearby neighborhood food bank and also encourage the people in need who will stop by. We are extremely pleased of the work we’ve executed to date to inform the public about America’s account of food insecurity as well as assisting in hunger elimination, nevertheless we understand we still have loads of work to carry out.