There are several available Magento 2 Search Extensions. Some are free, some are paid and some have a little bit of both. However, if you want to get the most out of your website, then it is only reasonable that you go for a Magento 2 Search Extension with the most functionality. You can arrive at this decision by comparing the features of the variously available extension. Here are three key features that your extension of choice should possess in order to be considered adequate.

An Autocomplete Functionality

Have you ever come across a search engine that does not offer autocomplete suggestions? No, there probably isn’t one. This is because the autocomplete feature is one of the most fundamental parts of any search engine. There are times when people don’t know exactly what they are looking for on your website or would like possible suggestions of items that contain a certain keyword or idea. This is where your Magento 2 Search Extension should prove most useful. A good extension should have a versatile autocomplete feature that should offer result suggestions based on the fewest possible characters. This will narrow down the search time and provide a better search experience.

Multiple Types of Content

Life is all about the little things. Small things like pop-up ads have been known to drastically change the user experience within a web page. So, don’t just put all of your search focus on the goods and services that the visitors to your site are looking for. To offer a better experience, you need to broaden the search functionality. A good Magento 2 Search Extension should allow you to customize the search capabilities and add attributes like CMS pages and other categories. This allows the users to get everything from the search results. They don’t have to go through multiple web pages or scroll to headers and footers looking for information like “contacts” and “location”. In this way, the browsing becomes easier and the use of the website more convenient.

Spelling Corrections

Each website labels its itinerary differently. This means that what may be common on one website may not be the same for yours. For your clients to get what they are looking for, then your Magento 2 Search Extension needs to be able to automatically correct anything that it deems as a typing error. This will enable the site visitors to get what they are looking for a lot faster. It also reduces any frustrations that are brought about by the blank search result. This is an important feature that enables you to dive up the sales. It ensures that the clients find what they are looking for even without knowing what it is exactly.

These are but a few of the features that should inform your search for a good Magento 2 Search Extension for your website. They help make the browsing experience easier for your customers while enabling you to make more sales. There is no point in attaching an extension to your site if it does not fully deliver on functionality.