If you’ve ever had a webpage take forever to load on your smartphone, then you know how frustrating an experience that can be. Refreshing the webpage often doesn’t help, and sometimes even restarting the phone won’t resolve the issue.

Thankfully, there are browsers out there that can alleviate some of these woes. Save yourself from frustration with the free Dolphin Browser for Android! It comes with numerous features that help keep loading speeds fast and brisk. Once you download Dolphin Browser, here are some tips to get the fastest speeds possible out of the browser:Dolphin Browser

  • Enable Dolphin Jetpack: Jetpack is a rendering engine within Dolphin that can significantly speed up page loading times. You can enable it within Dolphin Settings > General > Basic. Keep it on to ensure you consistently have fast speeds when browsing.
  • Enable smart cache: The smart cache option lets Dolphin remember parts of the websites you visited, making them load much faster if you return to the site. You can find this option under Dolphin Settings > Advanced > Customize.
  • Enable page preloading: Preloading is a way to speed up page loading times. By default, Dolphin will preload only on Wi-Fi. You can change this option under Dolphin Settings > Advanced > Customize > More, but keep in mind that if you set preloading to ‘always’, you may end up consuming a lot of mobile data.
  • Turn off images: Sometimes, pages will be slow to load because of large files on the site itself. The larger the files, the longer it’ll take to load. On sites where you don’t need to view images, you can opt to go into ‘no image’ mode to reduce loading times. To do so, either go to Dolphin Settings > Advanced > Web content > Load images > Always off, or you can simply swipe to the right side bar and tap on the ‘No Image’ icon under the Control Panel.
  • Enable the AdBlock Add-on: Speaking of large image files, image and multimedia ads can also contribute to slowdown. Make sure the AdBlock Add-on is activated to prevent bothersome ads from annoying you and slowing down your browsing. Go to the right side bar and select AdBlock under the Add-ons section.
  • Install the Browse Faster Add-on: Browse Faster is an Add-on that can speed up your browsing experience by killing all other working applications. This also has the added benefit of helping with preserving battery life. You can download the Add-on by going to the right side bar, then clicking on the ‘+’ under the Add-ons section.

With these tips in mind, you should be able to go forth and browse in peace. Download Dolphin Browser for Android today to experience a faster browser!