Regular maintenance and care is considered to be important for both the performance and durability of hot tubs and spa. This incorporates daily, monthly, periodic or even weekly maintenance which would ensure that your tubs remain secured from serve damage or problems. To help you out, here are a quick and easy steps that you should follow while maintaining the hot tubs at your home, along with a few essential tips that would help you carry out the process in a hassle free manner.

Daily Care & Maintenance of Spa and Hot Tubs

The daily maintenance task involves taking care of the quality of the water. For doing this you need a single pH or litmus strip which can be purchased from the department stores. These strips should be dipped in the water, where their color should range from that of pH 7 to 8 depending upon the type of salts that you use for the water. Indication of too acidic or alkaline water means that you should consider professional maintenance services at once the water of your tub is not the way it should be, and there can be almost any reason behind it, ranging from a damaged filter till poor sanitizer too.

Performing this step frequently would prevent

  • Mineral buildup
  • Scaling
  • Cloudy water
  • Foul Smelling water or
  • Skin and eye irritation

After all you always want to ensure that your spa is free from unwanted chemicals or pathogens that can turn out to be harmful for you.

Weekly Care & Maintenance of Spa and Hot Tub

The week time is the time for spa- shock, especially if you have been using it quite often for the week. For the shock you need to put a spoonful of odorizer to the water, so as to kill the bacteria, bath waste or any sort of compounds that may prevail in water. This will keep the water clean and clear. The use of ozone based odorizer is often recommended for the purpose, for example ozone bromide or ozone chlorine can be a remarkable option depending on the quality of sanitizer that you use.

Periodic Maintenance of Hot Tub and Spa

In addition to the aforementioned maintenance steps, there are certain procedures that should be scheduled at least once a month. This would allow the spa to run at its best performance providing the results that you always wanted to have.

Some of the common processes include

  • Cleaning the filter once a while with the help of granular cleaner that would remove the accumulated dirt, dust or debris present on them
  • Cleaning the cover of the tub using a professional graded solution so as to keep them clean and free from bacteria or germs
  • Conditioning the cover with the help of a vinyl solution that would improve the durability of the cover and ensure that it works in an effective manner
  • Changing the water present in the tubs at least once in every three to four months.