Anavar also scientifically known as Oxandrolone is an anabolic steroid that is increasingly being used for losing body weight and gaining lean muscle mass by bodybuilders as well as numerous sportsmen. Like most anabolic steroids Anavar was initially used not only for muscle gain and fat loss but also for other medical ailments like hereditary angioedema and anemia. Anavar as a steroid was first made by Searle labs in 1964 with an end goal of promoting muscle regrowth in HIV/AIDS related issues. But due to negative publicity and substance abuse the production was later shut down in 1989.However in late 90s the production of this drug began under the name of Oxandrin by Savient pharmaceuticals with FDA approval. Till date purchasing of this drug without prescription is illegal. Over a period of time however, Anavar has gained popularity in both male as well as female body builders alike. It is popularly used by female athletes.

How it Works?–For a layman’s perspective

Anavar has a unique way of reducing weight by cutting the down the tissue that can produce fat in the body. As a steroid Anavar have less androgenic properties as it does not aromatize a condition when the body is flooded with too much of androgen which results in bloating and other side effects like acne. It is because of this that Anavar is popular among the female body builders due to its low androgenic property. The other positive effect that makes Anavar more unique than any other steroids is that it burns the abdominal fat much faster than any other. Although used by female athletes, the dosage would vary according to the person as well as other correlated factors.

Dosage and the results…

Anavar has been proven to be useful for stimulation of phosphocreatine synthesis within muscle tissue. Anavar 50 mg is the ideal start for individuals who are looking to bulk up this is a desirable dosage for men. For women, a dosage between 10 mg and 20 mg is a more prudent choice. However, the half-life of Anavar being 9 hours it would be more advisable to have the dosage divided into 25mg twice a day. While this steroid is mild in comparison with others, it should be remembered that you do not cross 100mg total in a day to prevent serious side effects owing to larger dosage. Another option would be to start on a lower dosage and build tolerance on a steady pace.

Side Effects of Anavar

Although Anavar is a less potent steroid, the user still might experience side effects like Nausea, vomiting, hair loss, acne, an increase in oily skin, increased or decreased libido and sometimes mood swings as well. The probability is slightly on the higher side when starting out directly with 50mg Anavar as the system is not yet used to Anavar being in the system, however, once the system gets used to, the side effects should dissipate and go away altogether provided Anavar is used and not abused and the threshold of 100 mg in a single day is not crossed.