Does the blossoming of flowers and the warming of the weather cause you to reach for your asthma inhaler? You’re not alone. For many asthma sufferers, changes in seasons can lead to difficulty breathing that result in severe coughing.

While you can’t control the thunderstorms, pollen, heat, humidity and air conditioning that may trigger your condition, there are things you can do to manage your symptoms and breathe easy as the weather changes. Here are five tips to get you through the spring, summer and beyond:

Spring clean

Giving your house or bedroom a thorough clean will reduce allergens and dust in the air to help prevent dangerous respiratory flare-ups.

Plan ahead

You never know when your asthma may strike, so always ensure you have your inhaler on hand to treat your symptoms, especially in extreme heat. 

Stay cool 

Swap your outdoor run for a gym session or swim to keep yourself cool and minimise your chances of having an asthma attack. Just like you, your asthma puffer doesn’t like to get too hot either, so keep it out of direct sunlight and close by at all times. 

Time your errands

As the day goes on, the weather warms up and pollen levels rise, which can be a dangerous combination for asthma sufferers. Beat the heat by getting errands done before 9am, when ozone and pollen level are at a minimum.

Talk to your doctor

It is recommended that people with asthma contact a GP in October to prepare for changing weather and environmental conditions. If going outside makes your nose run, your eyes water, and your throat get itchy, consider contacting a home doctor who can provide advice about if changing the dosage of your medication can improve your symptoms.