Bluetooth watch is not a new thing. However, surprisingly only few can be considered good. Most of them turn out to be just a Bluetooth watch without real beneficial features added. If you want one to support your busy activity, you should consider taking the best one. The following watch is currently on high demand these days. Check this out. introduces one of the best watches on its class, ZGPAX S360 Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Watch, SOS Dial / Pedometer / Find Phone – Black. In glance, this looks like a premium leather wristband that appears fitting for both men and women users. The wristband is made of genuine leather and the round shaped clock is really elegant. This watch is available on three color options. It includes Black case and black wristband, silver case and white wristband, and rose pink case and red wristband. The clock mode is adjustable. You can change the look as you want it. This is a very attractive looking watch.

Under the pretty look, this watch is empowered by a MTK2502 CPU that process a task within 260M of speed. The 128 MB ROM Flash should also support the performance. Unlike most other of the kinds, this watch is also complete with G Sensor for more functions. The round shape adjustable modes clock is actually an 1.22 inch of capacitive screen. With 350 mAh battery life, you can literally wear and use the watch all day on various activities. This watch is compatible for all mobile phones using iOS or Android operating system. You only need to connect the Bluetooth BLE 4.0 with your mobile phone for more functions. In addition to it, data transfer can done using Micro USB v2.0 connection.

Besides changing the mode of the clock as you expect it to be, you can also enjoy so many other functions. Within synchronization, users are allowed to make a phone call or receive one. It allows you to drive in freedom without connection limitation. It also notifies you when you receive messages on your inbox, Skye, or WeChat. It is really pleasing and practical. The remote camera enables you to do selfie or group photo in most interesting way. SOS call can be made through this watch as well as safety option during emergency situation. The alarm clock is certainly a nice addition beside the pedometer for exercise monitoring. In addition to it, you can use the watch to locate your mobile phone when you misplace it.

This watch is considered as one of the best smart watches recently. It has been released since April last year, 2015, and it is labeled in $50.17. This is really cheap considering the specs and look. The particular retailer even offers discounted price for multiple purchase of it.

In sum, this watch offers more than functional connectivity support and freedom but also more support for other activities too. The design is as elegant as luxury watches and it should suit almost all segments of users as well. Do you like it? Come and get one for you.