Updating a selfie as your profile picture is the latest trend in today’s time. It can be an individual selfie or could be a group selfie. But what if there is huge group and you can’t extend your arm further to cover all your friends including you in one click? Here is where Selfie Stick comes into use.

A selfie stick is a monopod used to take photographs of self individually or a group of people including self. Your mobile or camera can be placed on the clamp at one end of the stick to click self photographs holding the metal rod at the other end. It is an extendable rod which can be stretched to a length as much as 44 inches in some models.  The stick can be operated using remote or can be attached with a wire into the headphone jack of the mobile phone and operated with a button on the stick. There are many models available which work with Bluetooth technology. There are many sites available which provide you a guide to select a selfie stick.

Selfie sticks are very popular with teens. One reason being it is the latest boon of technology and teens are always keen on following the trend. Another reason is the level of ease it provides when you have a huge group of friends and wish to have a group photograph; all together at the same time and that too without the hassle of requesting someone to click it for you. Though there is category of people who own it and just can’t move around without it, there is also a category of people who are unaware of the term itself. It is gradually gaining popularity.

Human being is a social animal and that is proving so true in and around us. People are getting more attracted towards the social media sites and are excited to update their status with recent photographs on their profile. This has also led to boom of selfie stick usage. Not just common man but there are celebrities too who are obsessed with its use and the convenience it provides. There was a recent video where Kendall Jenner grabbed a selfie stick and the result was an exciting video which has gained lot of popularity on internet world.

Selfie stick is another accessory to enhance your mobile usage experience. Do not get startled if you see a metal stick held high and moving with you as you are moving in a park or just walking on your everyday street. Some keen teen would be just having little fun his selfie stick.  So if you do not own one and are excited to buy it after knowing its uses, then there are some cool options to check at various online sites. Just click and simply send it to your friends or update it as your profile image, and wait for the likes that your friends hit for it.