OK before I regale you with stories of my adventures on the high seas… wait. What? OK truth is I hired a boat and went for a nice cruise on Sydney Harbour, but as they say – why spoil a good story with the truth? Right, moving on then…

Sydney Harbour is Majestic in its Own Right.

Admittedly I am slightly bias and will always speak of my own city with the utmost of respect, but that being said I think it is fair to say that Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and its harbour and surrounding landmarks are arguably some of the most instantly recognisable! It goes without saying therefore that when it comes to enjoying a day on the water on a privately chartered boat, Sydney Harbour is THE place to do it. I can’t think of a nicer looking surrounding.


Why Not Own a Boat?

Are you kidding me?! Apart from the fact that owning a boat is inconvenient, takes up space, wastes time and money and is a constant headache of repairs; owning a boat is just not smart – not if you live in a city like Sydney anyway.

Boats are little like pools actually, you are always better off using someone else’s – and until pool hire becomes a thing we will have to stick with boat hire. Sydney Harbour boat hire to be specific.’

What Type of Boats are Available?

How Many flavours does Baskin Robins have?! Oh wait, the answer there is 31. I was going for that whole rhetorical question thing… mind you now that I think about it, 31 sounds about right.

Seriously though, there is a large selection of boats available for hire in and around Sydney, although please note that Sydney Harbour, like most major harbours around the world does not allow you to drive your own boat. Self drive boats are fun and have their place, but when you are on a harbour as busy as Sydney’s the last thing you need is 50 people darting about on little boats with little to no idea of the rules of the water. No, we have that on the road already!!

Boats are Available

The boats that you can hire generally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Luxury Yacht
  • Fishing Boat
  • Catamarans
  • Sailing Boats (all sizes and skill levels)
  • Party Boat
  • General Cruise boats (for 2 to 400 guests!)

Some of the more popular things that people do when they hire a boat include:

What I Did When I had my own Boat?

Dinner Cruises! I took my wife of 10 years on a cruise to enjoy a nice dinner surrounded by the amazing vista of Sydney’s skyline and the iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

It is an evening I won’t soon forget, highlighted by amazing food and the best company, my wife AND the great city of Sydney.