It is said to be the most popular word game in the world. Introduced in the 1910s, the crossword quickly became an international sensation. Today, they can be found in newspapers across the globe, as well as bookstores and mobile devices. Some may wonder why it is that such a simple game has maintained popularity for over a century. Maybe it’s because we love mysteries, maybe it’s because we love challenges, or maybe it’s because the game is perfectly engineered for the human being’s enjoyment. Whatever it is, it definitely works and will surely continue to work for a very long time to come.

Ease to Access

Crossword puzzles are easily accessible, as they can be found in any newspaper or be played on any smartphone. If you suddenly feel the urge to play one, then just grab the closest newspaper and flip to the puzzle page. Even if you’re not in the mood to do one, if you accidentally fall on the puzzle page, often times you’ll find yourself doing a crossword. With mobile devices being so prevalent in today’s society, in seconds you can download and start playing a crossword puzzle game. In addition, getting access to crossword puzzles is normally free. The combination of them being free and easily accessible helps to explain their popularity.

Crossword Puzzle

Involving Friends and Family 

Because crossword puzzles can be very difficult, some people choose to involve their friends and family to help them with a challenging clue. Involving people you know to help you with crosswords will sometimes pique their interest and lead them to partake in the activity the next time they read the paper. Although a crossword puzzle is a game that is normally played alone, people often seek the help of those they know. It’s a brilliant marketing tool; make the crossword puzzle challenging enough so the average person will need to involve someone else.

Generation to Generation 

It’s true that it’s mostly elderly people who do crossword puzzles. Parents and grandparents often try to involve their little ones in the activity. It’s an easy game to play, the rules can be learned in minutes, and anyone can contribute regardless of age. If crossword puzzles are a part of the household and family, then it’s likely to be the same for the next generation. It has become a tradition that gets passed down from generation to generation, which can help explain how it has maintained popularity for so long.

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