When preparing a trip, one of the most important issues that should be considered, relates to accommodation.

Between staying in a hotel room or a furnished apartment, which is more advantageous?

If you ever considered staying in a hotel, you have to be sure that there is a vast world of possibilities beyond that option. The rental of a furnished apartment is an alternative that has proven increasingly more viable. Several “search for accommodation tools” have a choice of furnished apartments and allow the user to compare between several properties. It can compare photos, prices, ratings of other users, etc. The question that arises is: what are the advantages and disadvantages of choosing to stay in a hotel or furnished apartment?

First it is important to mention the economic factor. The prices that are practiced in the rental of a fully equipped apartment are attractive. This property value varies obviously with the property conditions, but it is very likely that the daily rate for a furnished apartment similar to what Furnished Properties Pty LTD provide is much cheaper than an average quality hotel.

The price is a very important variable when considering traveling in a group or with a family. Large groups carry a heavy cost in hotel accommodation. But for lone travellers, it is an asset to stay in a hotel.

Another important variable to consider is the length of stay: for long periods the furnished apartment option proves to be the most economical.

Secondly, and also some way related to the price factor, is cooking and the ability to do so in a fully self- catered kitchen. A fully equipped apartment offers the necessary facilities for carrying out this out, which is cannot be done in a hotel room.

The fact that you can cook your own meals is a huge impact on the budget of the trip. In hotel accommodations, meals must be purchased, but sometimes the breakfast is included in the room rate. In both cases, even if you are tired of cooking, you can always choose to experience the on-site restaurants.

The existence of washing and dryer machines are really important for long-term stays. The fact that the apartments contain this equipment makes it unnecessary to take a lot of clothes in your suitcase.

Perhaps another major attraction of staying in a local furnished apartment is you can feel like you really live in the city you are visiting. The feeling of having a key of “your” own apartment in a different city, preparing a breakfast in “your” kitchen and back to the privacy of “your” place, making you feel like a local. You can choose to stay further away from the tourist centers and experience the authenticity of the residential areas. The decor of the apartment and the style can also reveal much about the local culture and, if you have an open mind, you may find it quite interesting living in a place where someone else lived before. There are, of course, minimalist style apartments and more neutral decor such as an apart-hotel, however this just depends on your taste.

Booking a furnished apartment is much more convenient than staying in a hotel room which usually has very small spaces. You can find properties with cozy rooms and the necessary comfort. This is, however, a factor that depends on the pace preferred for your trip. If you rent a place only to sleep and spend little time in that space, maybe the hotel room is a better option. But if you choose to spend time in your accommodation, if you want to relax and even feel at home, an apartment is a much nicer option.

On the other hand, the fact that an apartment has no check-in service, makes the traveller depend on the owner schedules. Meeting with the owner as will the delivery and return of property keys. Not always opening times will be flexible – despite the hosts usually get along comfortable options for routine travellers. Still, the input and output end up not being as quick and convenient when the check in desk of a hotel, with active reception 24 hours a day. For this reason, it is advisable that you leave some free time scheduled for before and after check in and check out to prevent agenda incompatibilities.

Another issue refers to the cleaning of the accommodation. In an apartment you will be responsible for housekeeping and cleaning the apartment. If dishwashing and cleaning your own space during the trip are unsustainable tasks for you, you better think if the stewardship of a hotel will not be better for you. Almost all the apartments charge a cleaning fee, so make sure that you leave the property in perfect condition. It is expected that guests meet all the conditions before the check out date.

You will not expect a reception open for 24 hours per day or a concierge ready to help you at any time of day. This means that you will have to turn around in time to order a taxi, to find culture spots or to ask for other kinds of information. For less independent travellers this can be a problem: however you can always ask directions to the stores, restaurants or sights at the front desk of the hotel. Nevertheless, many hosts often leave maps and free guides in the apartment.