When you speak of Vietnam, most tourists only think of Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. But if you want to see spectacular sceneries among mountains and valleys then head to the northwest region of the country. There you should take part of a Sapa tour 3 days.


Sapa used to be a hill station of the French in 1922. But today, it is the tourism capital of the northwest area of Vietnam. During a clear day, visitors can see the wonders of nature. The local hill tribe people will also welcome guests with open arms. Below are some of the places and stops during the Sapa tour 3 days.

Black H’Mong Village of Lao Chi

One of the stops of the Sapa tour 3 days is the village of Lao Chi, which is the home of Black H’Mong tribe. There are more than a hundred families in the village, and they welcome visitors with the best hospitality. Trekking is the best way to get to Lao Chi. That way you are able to explore the villages and learn more about the ways and culture of the Black H’Mong. When you reach the high point of the main road, you will get to see the whole village, the mountains and the river. Lao Chi is situated right in the middle of the corn and rice terraces, and being on the high position will give you the best view of the entire village.

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Ta Van Village of the Zay

The Ta Van village is another stop of the Sapa tour 3 days. The village is one of the most stunning spots in Sapa. Here you will be able to see the Cau May and the Ancient Rock Field. The upland village is also known for its exotic cuisine and unique stilt houses. This stop will definitely be one of the most memorable in your three-day tour of Sapa.

Giang Ta Chai Village

A trek to the Giang Ta Chai village is part of the Sapa tour 3 days. There you will find bamboo forests, rice terraces, mountain ranges, and trails. The narrow and small path to the village can be challenging; it is definitely worth it. There you will see the manmade stone fences and the waterfalls. The village is home of the Red Zao, who have built their houses on the mountain sides while cultivating the surrounding soil around them.

Su Pan Village

The Su Pan village is known as a mountainous commune. The land conditions in the village are bad, and people living in the village have a hard time cultivating corn and rice. And just like any other villages in Sapa, the villagers will welcome you with a friendly smile.

Bac Ha Market

The last stop of the Sapa Tour 3 days before heading back to Hanoi is the Bac Ha Market. It is the biggest one in North Vietnam. The market is only open every Sunday, and it is often crowded with locals and tourists. The Bac Ha Market is where the local tribes bring their products to sell. You will be able to buy souvenirs and handicrafts made by the local tribes.