The Magento 2 Search Extension is an ajax based module search engine for the Magento 2 framework. It is a collection of several advanced online search techniques. It is a perfect replacement for the previous Magento Search engine that was driven by ajax search. This new engine is much faster and reduces the strain on the server. As a result, several users can take advantage of it without necessarily slowing down or crushing your server due to excess workload. The search is quite smooth and efficient and the result display is effective.


Why the Magento 2 Search Extension?

There are many available search extensions that you can install on your website, so why the Magento 2 Search Extension? This search extension is not only an upgrade to its predecessors but also a solution to all the problems that come with most conventional search extensions. Results are available in an instant without delay. The engine also offers the autocomplete options and there is very little time wasted in looking for entities that are on your site. If you have a large E-commerce site, then this is the best alternative for your users. Here are a few other reasons why.

  1. Instant Search

It doesn’t get any faster than Magento 2 if we are talking about search results. The extension allows the users to get results from the first letter that they type. This means that they get suggestions on the go in the form of a drop-down list. This list comes with all the necessary added information like names of the products, images, and even prices. In some cases, a short description may accompany each suggestion. This means that even before a user finishes the product name, they already have all the information they need. Searches thus become quicker increasing the conversion rate of your website.

  1. Configuration Flexibility

The one-fits-all mentality is what the Magento 2 Search Extension tries its best to avoid. This is why the extension comes with an increased configuration for the behavior of the search results. Just because the extension has many features doesn’t mean that you will be using all of them. This is why the admins can configure the extension to their liking. You can choose to hide or show elements like image and price within the search results. This makes the searching more efficient and the decision making for the customer’s whole lot easier

  1. Over 100,000 SKUs supported

The extension supports over ten thousand Stock Keeping Units (SKUs). This makes it easier for the larger stores to fully broadcast their products in the search results. This way, any and all items linked to the search criteria or keyword will pop up in the results offering your customers a variety of choice. The same cannot be acquired for other search extensions.


If what you are looking for is a website module that optimizes your website and increases flexibility during searches, then there is no better alternative than the Magento 2 Search Extension. With it, you are assured of increased sales and customer satisfaction.