Did you know that mobile messaging application WhatsApp now has over a billion users worldwide? That is a huge number, and is clearly because of the amazing communication features the app provides for free.

With WhatsApp installed on your phone, you don’t have to worry anymore about the charges for texting or calling someone as long as you have an active internet connection. You can contact anyone in the world, no matter where they live, completely for free in they also have the app on their phones. Sharing media files like images and videos has also been made very easy with WhatsApp.

The Dark Side

While WhatsApp is not intended to be used for anything bad, there are bound to be people who are misusing it. For all you know, your child may be in contact with a predator through WhatsApp and sharing things that they shouldn’t. Alternatively, your spouse may be in contact with someone ‘special’ and you wouldn’t know about it because the long calls don’t show up on the monthly phone bills.

The Efficient Solution

What can you do when you are worried that your child might be in trouble or your spouse may be having an affair with someone else? An efficient solution to the problem is using a spy app. There are many you can choose from, and they all seemingly provide you with the same features. These include tracking all communication activities like text messaging, calling, and even WhatsApp interactions of your target.

But while it may seem that all spy apps are made equal, that is not the case. Some are better than others, which is why you should take a look at the best WhatsApp tracker app that fits your needs.

How to Choose the Best Tracker

Once you are sure of what you need a tracker app for, choosing one won’t be all that difficult. In the case of WhatsApp tracking, apps may differ from each other on the basis of provided features and stability. Many apps allow you to perform basic spying like reading text messages. Others can take you step ahead by giving you options like tracking phone calls, shared media, and even deleted messages.

The other thing that can steer your decision one way or the other is stability. You want to be sure that the app you choose is rated well for its performance among users. A spy app is no good if it logs the data wrong or crashes and is discovered by your target in the process. Once you have made a choice, you can rest easy that anything and everything doubtful going on in your target’s life will be revealed to you, especially if it is connected to their use of WhatsApp.

Conclusion: WhatsApp is a global phenomenon, but what about the dangers it brings to the table? Be sure of your child’s safety and your spouse’s loyalty by tracking their WhatsApp accounts.