Graphic designing is actually a process of visual communication which is created by using computer software or through ones hand, with the help of art and practice of planning new ideas and their experiences in the form of visual and text format including images, words, graphics to illustrate and inspire consumers more elaborately in Communication Design.

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Who can become a Graphic Designer?

The aspiring graphic designers should have a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Design or any other associate degree and certification in web designing, illustration or photoshop.

Key skills for Graphic Designers:

There are quite a few graphic design skills that every aspiring designer should possess –

  • Creativity: It is the first most important skill in the path of Graphic designing. Your mind should get all new ideas and try to create innovative designs with the help of computers.
  • Typography: It is the second essential aspect of designing which uses different types of fonts. It can make or break any ones design. So it is better to understand the fundamentals of it to create your own unique designs.
  • Software: It is the third important thing which is related to computer. All your designs come in picture with the help of this software which is behind its screen. Adobe is the well known graphic designing software used for photography, designing and illustration.
  • Web Designing: It is the fourth part which is related to website designing by using HTML and CSS programs.
  • Communication: Not but the least it is the mode of representation of art and practice of one’s ideas through appearing in the form of visual and text format with images and illustration of the product for better understanding the designs.


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