I do not talk about “travel” or “tour”, a word I often use the word “leave ” If a person is familiar with the environment which he have stayed for a long time, will lose acuity, also lost to stimulate creativity, so we  need to “leave.”

In the 1970s, I was  studying in Europe, when I was writing about the history of art of the Renaissance, the teacher asked me: “Have you ever been to Italy?” I said:. “Yet,” he said: “You do not have shed tears before  the Michelangelo’s statue , how dare you write him? “then I ran for a month in Italy, took a backpack, two shirts. I also used to sleep in the train station, then Cannes train station there are a lot of young people sleeping inside. They asked me: “how did you sleep on the floor with newspaper ?.” They would give me some.

There is a youth exodus from European culture. I met a 14-year-old Florence Scottish child, he was wearing a felt fedora, with saved money of cleaning the toilets,to travel. Money over, He was not afraid, and went to the streets to earn money to blow Scottish bagpipes, and then continue to the next period of travel. I have strong feelings that time, young people under the influence of different cultures can be so different. After they grow up, the responsibility which they can put on their shoulder is absolutely not the same thing.


Travel always making you think your entire life , the period which you have gone through and the rest of the time you will experience. Actually, the meaning pf traveling is to help us to reach the whole real life. So , what we should we wear while we travel.

Color clothes can directly impact on people’s attitude and emotion.Tourism is a very pleasant thing for every of us. If you wear cool clothes, it is possible to produce glare and uncoordinated feeling, so go out wearing warm clothes will make travel better. Bright clothing color, not only can make man embrace the natural scenery, and take commemorative photo , but also can help them can be found by the companions.

Bright clothing color

If you want to have more peculiar experience, why not choose a casual dress to travel?

When you climb the mountain, you may choose the jeans and shirts for the convenience landscape. You can take out your beautiful dress and put them on.

Dancing with the whole thing which exist in the nature, taking some fantastic pictures, what you get will be beyond words .

With literature, with scenery, with you and the travel will be distinctive.