As your reading this you are dressed, Are your clothes clean? I bet they are. Would you wear the clothes you have on day in day out say for the next year?

No. You ensure that you clean your clothing on a regular basis so they last you a long time. Well you should really have the same mentality when it comes to looking after your soft furnishings such as settee, carpets, and even your mattress. We go to work to earn our money so we don’t want to throw it away through our own laziness by not getting our furnishings cleaned on a regular basis. It’s all well and good hoovering your carpets 3-4 times a week, but that’s not enough. You can’t see the dirt in your carpets or can you? If you can well you really need to get a professional carpet cleaner to address your problem like Warrington carpet cleaners. are an established business who having trained over the years and gained thousands of hours of experience on cleaning your carpets and upholstery.


Now if you’re a pet lover we advise that you have your carpets cleaned at least twice a year.

Animals can bring in pollens, mites etc, and if you have allergies this is not going to help your health or your family.

Like everything, we want things to work at 100% efficiency. Our bodies will not do that if our homes are unhealthy and dirty.

So ok you don’t want to employ Warrington carpet cleaners. You want to clean the carpets yourself.

Lets look at this.

You go and hire a carpet cleaning machine. What do you do next? We would do a fibre test. What

is a fibre test?  A fibre test is a way of identifying the carpets structure which in turn tells us what the best way to clean it is. If you don’t there is a good chance of some damage being done, sometimes that bad you  may have to claim on your insurance, which in turn increasing your next year’s premiums,  and all because your thought you could so it yourself.

Ok so you’re lucky it’s a standard carpet clean. The carpet won’t get damaged. You clean the carpet and it’s wet for days. What does this do.? This creates a smell, and the possibility of milde and bacteria.

Professional carpet cleaners have powerful machines which can clean and dry your carpets in 2-4 hours, In the summer months even quicker.

We can use deodoriser’s to get rid of those unwanted smells.

So weighing up do I invest a little money to stay clean and healthy, of do it myself, Take a step back and call