Beautiful ocean landscapes, stunning sunsets, unique ancient architecture and delicious foods. Add to this list iconic historical figures like Plato, Aristotle and the mighty Alexander, Greece is arguably the most interesting place in the world. It has one of the richest histories of any country and its cities were known throughout the world even in Ancient times, for example Sparta and Athens. It is the perfect blend of history and beauty and taking a vacation in Greece should be on every travels list of must see places. The question is in its current economic crisis should you visit Greece? You can if you take certain precautions. Listed below is a general travel guideline to Greece in lieu of the current situation.

Purchase Euros beforehand

Since the country closed the majority of banks recently, and ATM machines running empty you would be wise to purchase Euros in your own country, before departing for Greece. Also besides the cash in hand, be sure to take other forms of payment i.e. debit and credit cards. Also the amount of cash in hand should be enough to cover any emergencies or delays you might incur. And be sure to inform your credit card companies before going abroad and using your cards there – companies usually block the card if you use it abroad without informing them of your plans to visit another country. And it takes around 24 hours for it to reactivate, that’s a lot of time without money. Also check with the company if the card can be used on foreign soil. We also recommend taking those credit cards which do not have fees on foreign transactions – some credit cards can charge anywhere between 3-7% on any purchase you make abroad.

Make Backups of Important Documents

Your passport should be treated with the utmost care during your travels, it’s exceedingly irresponsible to lose it. However if you do have the misfortune of doing so, it’s better to have a copy just in case. Hence make copies of all the important documents and put them in your luggage. Also take pictures of them from your phone/camera. For US Citizens, the State Department encourages them to enroll in the department’s ‘’Smart Traveler Enrollment Program”, which makes it easy to the nearest Consulate to contact them during emergencies.

A Peaceful Protest

Staging a peaceful protest/demonstration is common to many countries and Greece is no different.  The US Embassy in Athens lists any planned demonstrations on their website, so travelers are aware in advance and can avoid the hassle.  Especially in light of its current situation, you can expect a lot of demonstrations by the Greeks and some of them may not be that peaceful either. Hence stay alert and keep away from areas which are political hotspots. You do not want to find yourself in the middle of a mass demonstration. The main areas like Athens are ones where you can expect the majority of the trouble brewing.