The island of Krk is the northernmost island in the Mediterranean and the biggest island of the Adriatic sea. It is settled in the Kvarner Bay and surrounded by smaller islands and reefs. Even from the ancient times it proudly carried the name “the Golden Island“ and it still does.

Krk is one of the sunniest places in Europe; it has over 2500 hours of sunshine per year. The island is known for its beautiful fields, magnificent caves, pebble beaches, lakes and rivers. It has always been one of the most desirable destinations for living and vacation in this part of the world. This amazing island treasures a great deal of Croatian culture and history; the old towns and narrow streets are witnesses of the old times that go back to the period of the Romans. The economic center of the island carries the same name – Krk. It is a vibrant and relaxing place where a tourist can find numerous attractions and interesting sites to visit. For those who like rich cultural heritage and religious architecture, there is a complex of cathedrals and churches that are the highlight of the city. There is a church dedicated to Virgin Mary, another one dedicated to St. Francis, Franciscan monastery and many other religious edifices. There are a lot of festivals during the summer season along the island, which is a reason more to visit Krk. offer a wide range of accommodation with something to suit everyone’s budget, from cheap apartments to luxury hotels and villas with pool.

Besides these attractions, island of Krk has his natural resources. It is a great place for tourists who are active and are not there just for lying under the sun and relaxing in the sea. The island gives the opportunity for the sports lover to enjoy their vacation too; there are places where you can play volleyball, football, tennis or basketball. Also, for those who like long walk, hiking or cycling, there are paths and sidewalks that can be used both by walkers and bikers.

Another great thing about the island of Krk and why it is so popular is the fact that it is very well connected with the rest of the country and even with other countries over the sea. There is a bridge that connects Krk with the mainland and it is easy to access it with a bus or a car. On the seaside, there is access via ferries and boats that bring you straight to the little marines on Krk. The island of Krk also has an airport named Rijeka, which is located nearby the place Omisalj. This connection to the mainland and easy access is one of the reasons why Krk is a perfect place for family vacations. The traditional cuisine and local food is something you need to taste while there. All those delicious dishes you can make even better with a sip or two of their wine and a few olives.

The island of Krk has something to offer to everyone, from peaceful natural surroundings and rich history to sandy beaches and vibrant nightlife. If you like any of that, Krk is a place to be for you.