There are dishonest businesses in nearly every area, including that of the moving industry. This is especially true since creating and running a business online requires nothing more than a website. Hiring the wrong moving company can result in your paying a lot more than expected, having your belongs mishandled and damaged, or even having your belongings hostage until you pay an expectedly high bill. Hiring movers should involve much more than comparing the initial prices given. Below are some tips for making sure you get the moving company you need at the price you expect to pay.

  • Ask Someone You Know for a Referral – Make sure it’s a company they have used, not just a name they have heard. There is no better way to identify a credible and trustworthy moving company than from others who have already used their services.
  • Get a Quote – Moving companies that offer special deals like flat rates-per-room or truck load aren’t taking special needs into consideration. You may end up with your things being mishandled or paying a lot more in spite of the advertised special. Getting a quote based on the actual job will result in a more precise idea of what you expect and how much it will cost. A guaranteed estimate is even better!
  • Look for Experience Marrins’ Moving has nearly two decades of experience and that applies to all of their moving team members. The longer a company and their movers has been providing moving services, the more expertise they will have for moving things securely. They will also be more accurate at giving you an estimate for providing you with optimal services for all of your belongings including those that require white glove treatment.
  • Read Offsite Testimonials – Most moving companies, or businesses of any kind, don’t post negative reviews on their website. Look elsewhere including Yelp, Angie’s List, and local forums to find out what customers really have to say. If there is one or two really negative comments among lots of positive one, chalk them up to the competition. The more reviews that are in agreement, the more likely they are to be all that they claim.
  • Check for BBB Accreditation – Better Business Bureau accreditation ensures the moving company meets the standards, including the commitment to make a good faith effort to resolve and complaints made against them by consumers. You can also see how many complaints have been made against them, what efforts were made to resolve them, and the outcome.
  • Avoid Moving Brokers – Unlike movers, moving brokers do not participate in the move. Instead, they find a moving company to do the job for you. They are more like sales representatives that promote certain moving companies. Many people have had negative experiences with brokers because they don’t play a role in determining the quality of the company that gets hired.

Moving is considered one of the most stressful events that a person goes through during their lifetime. Choosing reputable movers will help the move go smoother and get your belongings to your new home.