When driving around the Twin Cities and surrounding areas, you will notice a lot of metal roofs and you will notice that they are different colors and some even look like asphalt or slate roofing. With the many designs and colors available, homeowners and business owners are able to acquire affordable roofing that complements the structure. At the same time, there are energy savings that are had because of the roofing’s insulation and reflective properties that keep heat in during the winter and reflect heat away in the summer. It is important to find a professionally licensed Minnesta home remodeling contractor for your home roofing needs.


Insurance & Tax Savings

When you have our professional metal roofing contractors install a metal roof on your home or business, you save more than just energy costs. It is possible for your insurance company to have a discount for energy efficient alterations to the structure. This same change can result in a tax credit. Combined with the energy savings, the roof can pay for itself in as little as five to ten years. The roofing can last up to 50.

Longevity & Strength

Our professional metal roofers install roofing that is strong so that it lasts for a long time. It is also quite durable, despite the fact it is lightweight. When a snow storm comes about, it can hold a significant amount of weight. However, it is still ideal to have the snow removed. Snow guards are also beneficial to prevent snow sliding off of the roof from becoming a hazard. Nonetheless, it can hold up to heavy snow, as well as some of the toughest hail storms, which helps prevent premature roof replacement.

Metal Roofing Saves Energy

Metal roofs are reflective, which means they reflect away the heat of the sun instead of absorb it. This is important in keeping the home or business cool during the winter. Charlotte roofing professionals suggest installing metal roofs as an alternative to solar panels for another energy saving solution.

Metal Roofing Saves Energy

Because the roofing is made from recycled materials and is recyclable once it is removed from the structure, the energy efficiency goes a step further and so does the friendliness to the environment. The fact metal roofs are composed of recycled materials keeps the costs down.

When you are in need of a quality roof, metal roofing can fit the bill. At Greenwood Design Build, we are dedicated to ensuring our customers have the best.