For many of us traveling is the foremost way to relax and relish new impressions. But imagine this: you arrive somewhere for the first time and go to explore the beauties of the new area by a tourist bus following the regular route and showing you the main attractions.

Undoubtedly, this is a nice way to get acquainted with a new location. But any city, especially if it’s a metropolis, is fraught with a lot of secret places that you won’t learn about when taking a common city tour.

Now read on the article to learn about such interesting places in London!

Ripley’s London Museum

Does the UK associate for you with everything being conservative? Well, this museum will change your idea upside down. The museum’s founder, Robert Ripley, was a passionate artist and a great athlete with irrepressible curiosity. While traveling around the world he collected unusual, strange and funny things that compose the collection of the museum.


The exhibits of the museum include such things like dinosaur eggs, wax copies of the abnormal people, stuffed animals with the most incredible mutations. The exhibition is complemented with all sorts of recreational activities like a mirror maze, a journey into the black hole and laser show trials. In short, both you and your family will be completely delighted with the visit to this extraordinary place.

Museum of Brands, Packaging & Advertising

Today consumer goods displayed on the shelves of supermarkets are very familiar to us, but in fact, we don’t even realize our correlation with them. Though, in London there is the museum where you can trace the history of many brands.

The collection of the Museum of Brands includes over ten thousand exhibits reflecting the history of advertising from the Victorian era till the present day. When walking along the well-equipped pantry of the museum you will stumble on countless discarded products, which once occupied kitchen tables of the entire families.

Richmond Park

London is often called the capital of the parks, and the famous Hyde Park is not the biggest and most interesting one in the city.

Another park you are suggested to visit is the Richmond Park, which attracts tourists with its unique landscape, while its famous viewing platforms will let you enjoy the gorgeous views of the old London.


The park lies on the area of ​​2,000 acres and includes picturesque lakes and rivers, green fields and old forests. But the main attraction of Richmond is the animals, which move freely around the territory and aren’t afraid of people. Another good news is that you needn’t pay for the entrance to the park.

Crystal Palace Park

It would seem that there is hardly something interesting in the park except for trees, a small lake and a nice zoo. But what if there are dinosaurs in the park?

Over hundred and fifty years ago, a sculptor and artist Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins recreated there the giant monsters, which used to live on Earth. The dynamic and huge sculptures of a life-size have a striking look. They stand around the park lake or stick out of the water, seeming to be alive at times.

The Cartoon Museum

Very often the guests of this museum experience the feeling of returning to the childhood – unless the guests are not kids. The museum is famous for the uncommon collection of works on the subject of the political caricature.

One of the exhibits on the first floor of the museum tells guests about the history of the origin of this genre in the United Kingdom. The works displayed there belong to the contemporary artists. For example, you can see the caricature of Queen Elisabeth II there.  Another favorite room of all the kids is devoted to the history of English animation. In the hall you can see over five thousand of characters from different animated cartoons.

The second floor is completely dedicated to caricature and satire. The works displayed there belong to the founders of the genre, who lived in the Victorian era, and contemporary cartoonists like Leo Baxendale, David Low and others.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

Have you ever dreamed of visiting Hogwarts? If you read the story about the half-blood wizard this idea definitely occurred to you. After all, everyone wants to add some magic to the daily life. And, actually, you can fulfill your dreams owing to the museum devoted to Harry Potter film series, which is located in London suburbs. It attracts children and adults around the world who go there to see with their own eyes the place where the legendary story was filmed.


In two large pavilions of the museum you can see many items made specifically for the shooting, blueprints, models and drawings, the real setting for the film, the wigs and costumes. But your visit will not be complete if you don’t try some magical tricks on your own. For example, do you have the experience of potion making? Don’t worry if you haven’t done this before, since in this museum you can learn a lot of magic techniques!

All the mentioned sites are quite reachable by means of the public transport. But if you’d like to be more independent while getting around you can rent a cheap car from Sixt at the nearest pick-up point.

In fact, there are many other interesting sites in London, which could be included in the list. However, it is enough to visit at least the places that have been mentioned in the article to experience the special atmosphere of the city. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy your forthcoming trip, and will come back home with lots of superb memories!

Author Bio: Lily Berns likes to write and takes photos of interesting places. During her free time, she travels in different cities with her friends.