Today traveling has become synonymous with business. If you work for or own a business you will travel. And travel extensively. Whether it be for expansion, scouting new markets or meeting potential business clients. And more often than not, you travel alone, without companionship. While visiting foreign soil on your own can be exciting it can also be a bit worrying since it’s a land alien to you. And you’re alone. We’re here to help and with these solo business traveler tips, you can feel easy while venturing on your own into relatively unknown territory.

Let your location be known

Before you embark on your tour, give someone close to you (preferably family) details of your entire trip. Where you will be staying and during which days. This way they’ll know where to reach you in case of an emergency. And it’ll give your family a bit of peace of mind as well. It’s not wise to be halfway around the world and no one back home with a clue about your location. With technology and smartphones available it’s easy to reach people but still having a backup is not a bad thing.

Cash and Credit

Take a decent amount of cash in hand with you, however the amount should not be too much. In some countries, pickpockets are common in airports. Also be sure to tell your credit card company that you are going abroad and you will be using you card in those places, otherwise the company might block them as part of their security protocols. And since it takes a while to reactivate them you’ll be stuck without cash. Hence bring a decent sum is advantageous.

Backups of Important Documents

It would be very careless to lose any of your important documents while abroad. However in the rare event that it does happen make sure you have a backup of each one, for example your passport, ticket and identity card. Take photos of them and keep photocopies.

Be careful of what you reveal in crowded halls

It’s always a good idea not to reveal your room number or where you are staying. It’s a foreign land and while you do not have any friends you certainly can be sure to have some enemies – primarily thieves who prey on tourists. When you’re in a lobby full of people do not loudly proclaim your room number even if the management asks for it at the desk – just show them the key.

Local Transport

It’s better to pre-book your transport to and from the airport before landing. This is far more reliable and safer than using local – often illegal – transport. If you have no choice but to use the latter, make sure to be dropped off a couple of blocks from where you actually are staying. In countries which are known to have security threats, some taxi drivers can be a threat.

Dress locally while you’re walking the streets, and do not stand out. Leave your expensive watches at home as all the unnecessary electronics. Stay safe while abroad with these solo business traveler tips.