In recent times, automobiles have the smashing impact on daily life of the contemporary man, which needs speed with reliability. The automobile industry of the United States is the fastest growing sector of US economy and is subject to much talks of investment. There are many automobiles manufacturers in US which are designing latest technologies in automobiles.

Cars, vans, tractors, buses, trucks and trailers are the automobiles which are designing with latest and advanced technologies at a very large scale worldwide. Every year a huge number of cars, vans, buses and tractors are imported and exported. The automobile industry is facing many international challenges as well as national challenges to meet these challenges the automobile industry is continuously evolving new strategies and technologies and signing up new contracts and joint ventures in order to stabilize itself.

Nowadays people not just demand a simple car they demand outstanding car. They demand vehicles with exceptional technologies. Decades before most of these technologies were considered beyond human imagination. But now many technologies have been invented with absolute intelligence.

The mileage of progressImage Source: 2015 Rolls Royce Ghost

Almost all of the automobiles manufacturers are working to bring some incredible technologies in the vehicles that will not only give speed to the vehicles but also provide protection. By 2020, the vehicles are expected to be equipped with following technologies.
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Image Source: 2003 Ford F-250 Super Duty

360-Degree Round Camera

Camera in vehicles is imperative and expected to become a basic gadget in all automobiles by 2020. These cameras will be able to give you a virtual view of 360-degree. This is a support technology that helps the driver in parking more easily this also helps the driver by visually confirm the vehicle’s position relative to the boundaries around parking zones and adjacent things. This technology will prevent you from turning your shoulders out for parking. This technology can display front and rear view together. It helps the driver to check the rear and front view of the vehicle simultaneously.

Pedestrian Tracking and Night Vision

The idea of pedestrian tracking and night vision is hot post and it will be legitimate and achievable by 2020. Through this technology, it is possible that infrared light or amplifier detects the person or anything that come in your way intentionally or unintentionally. Additionally this technology also alerts you by collision warning, lane departure warning and equipped the vehicle with the automatic braking system. Special heat-based images stop the car without hitting anything.

Car to Car Wireless Communication

This is another technology which is expected to become mandatory in all cars by 2020. Cars traveling on the roads will be able to communicate with each other through this technology by using the wireless system. This technology saves time, reduces number of accidents, decreases fuel consumption and speed up the travel.

Free WI-FI

The concept of built-in WI-FI in the vehicles already exists but for this you have to pay a monthly subscription charge. There is 4G LTE WI-FI built-in in cars, trucks and other automobiles. Automobile manufacturers are focusing on it to make it free and common for all so everyone can get the benefit from WI-FI.

Lightweight Automobiles

In automotive industry, lightweight automobiles are very demanding. Car lovers demand cars which are light in weight and are durables as well. Passionate drivers also demand accident-proof outer body which will be possibly achieved by 2020. Materials like carbon fiber and aluminum will be used in the future for making different car components.
All of the above technologies and ideas will provide a new horizon in driving and assure the comfortable driving as well. For passionate drivers, these technologies will be incredible innovations which will give them a new driving wisdom. Some of these technologies will also benefit the environment by decreasing fuel consumption so they will also be proven as eco-friendly technologies.