For some strange reason, traveling is not seen as a strength when applying for a job. A frequent flyer is seen on the same ground as someone who doesn’t travel. And ‘traveling’ is restricted to a sad little corner of a resume/CV. It shouldn’t be, it is a major strength of a candidate which should be considered. And here are several reasons why.

They Don’t Limit Themselves or Their Growth:

Through their numerous travel experiences, frequent travelers become much more polished at dealing with people – from all sorts of backgrounds. Traveling gives you confidence and makes you more charismatic (as you’re always meeting new people). The interview depends on the person’s ability to communicate and traveling improves this immensely. As the workplace becomes more and more global, their experiences will become even more relevant.

They are More Acceptable to Change:

Some people are suspicious of change and view it warily. This can hinder progress as change is inevitable. Globetrotters have a lot of experience of interacting with different people and seeing different cultures, hence they have a broader view of the world. They embrace new things readily and cope with adjustments in staff structuring, reorganization or other issues more comfortably than a candidate who’s lived in one place all their life.

They are good at Time Management:

Planning trips is not a piece of cake, especially business trips. Those who frequently tour places know the value of time, they plan each step of their trip precisely based on time. This can extend to their professional life – the value of time. Sticking to timetables and business meetings keeps them on their toes.

They Don’t Mind moving Out of Their Comfort Zone:

Traveling most often means that a person is moving out of their comfort zone, and this is an essential part of a person’s character. They should not become harried in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations and keep their wits about them. Travels deal with misfortune all the time; whether it be a missed flight, stolen passport or losing their way in a foreign land. Their experiences teach them to keep their cool in such seemingly troublesome moments and resolve them without making a mess. Numerous situations arise in the workplace which need to be dealt quickly and which need cool heads to resolve.

They Work Seamlessly on a Team:

Travelers often travel as part of a group. Hence they interact with many different people increasing their team skills. If you travel you need to work together especially on trips that involve adventure.

They Don’t Shy Away From Innovation:

The driving force of a traveler is curiosity; they are curious about different lands, people and their cultures. And this leads them to satisfy their questions. Thus travelers do not shy away from innovation inculcating in them a creative approach to different aspects in life.

Most frequent flyers like to plan most aspects of the trip themselves. However there is also the option of using travel management companies if you are occupied by other matters.