How can you figure out that you are pregnant? A missed period with a home pregnancy test would throw more light on things. Then it is the perfect time to go through the step by step baby growth during pregnancy video. But before heading over to the baby growth in pregnancy week by week video there are some basis facts you need to be aware about pregnancy tests.

With the help of a pregnancy test it is possible to come across levels of HCG in your urine or blood. This would assess whether you happen to be pregnant or not. If this hormone is found it means that you are pregnant. In doing so you need to be part of a home pregnancy test, which is available over the counter. If the need arises you can get a blood test undertaken at the doctor’s chamber. All these methods would cost you a lot. You might have to pee on a stick and then wait for the results to emerge as well. When it is a home pregnancy test if you have not gone on to follow the guidelines properly then the results could turn out to be false.

In recent times an online pregnancy test has come to the rescue. Here you need to answer a few basic questions to certify whether you are pregnant or not. Now you might be confused on how by answering a series of questions you can figure out that you are pregnant. But be aware that all of them are designed working on the symptoms of pregnancy.

When you answer such questions you are presented with a positive situation. It does offer an individual solution based on your requirements. It would mean that you can adjust it accordingly as per your menstrual cycle, basal temperature or the body symptoms. With a pregnancy test you would need to take it several times to verify whether you are pregnant. This does go on to reduce the anxiety levels as well. The best part about a pregnancy quiz is that you can take it several times without any cost involved. The other major benefit from an online pregnancy test is that you can undertake it from the comfort of your home. This is not once but numerous numbers of times. You can alter it as per the needs and desires of your body. Let us now observe some questions

Could I be pregnant with a negative pregnancy test?

The chances are low but you cannot rule it completely. When you are about to use a home pregnancy test you need to follow the procedure in a proper manner. If the test has turned negative then you need to get the tests done after a few days.

Is it possible for pregnancy to occur during a period?

The possibility of such a situation occurring are on the lower side. But you need to understand that sperms live in the body of a woman for close to 5 days.