This summer, the pink dress is a must have in every fashion lover’s wardrobe, but do you know how to get proper accessories for it? Only the most audacious women dare to capture all the sights on them, and if they decide to make this brave move, it’s better to leave a good impression too.

   A bright pink dress could be sophisticated or vulgar, it depends on the way of wearing it. The accessories are the key, both design and it’s specific  color.

  1. The pearls

A delicate color such as bright cream-color of the pearls could go perfectly with one of your pink dresses. Not only the colors alternation is perfect, but also the classical aspect of this jewelry is perfectly matching with the wealthy effect of the pink color.

Choose the perls earings and necklace set, and if you’d like to go with the colorful pearls, avoid the strong colors. Make sure you’re wearing natural pearls or a very well made immitation, because all sights are going to be on you!

  1. The daring gold

       The gold color also look good with the bright pink color, especially if you are the glamorous type. But don’t exaggerate with the size and sparkling gold accessories, or else you would risk having a ridiculous look.

       You can wear a thin gold necklace and a matching bracelet, that’s it. If you’d like to wear earrings, you better give up on the necklace for a pair of chandelier earrings.

  1. The pale pink

        Too much of bright pink can ruin the look, but if you really do desire an outfit in this chromatic note, you can balance your image with some pale pink accessories, or even the salmon color.

        For example, a bright pink chandelier necklace or a round bracelet with the same tone can add a good note to your look. Be careful about it’s color, it should be very discrete so that people need to look closer to realize that it’s pink and not beige.

  1. Other accessories

         Choosing a right pair of shoes for the pink dress could be a heavy duty. Choose wisely and risk, as you might pay a very high price for them. Gold stiletto heels are the „soulmate” of a bright pink dress.

Another successful combination could be the bright pink with bronze, beige or cream color shoes etc. The clutch will also be matched with the chosen shoes type.