The Alps has been regarded as being the go-to place during winter holidays for over 6 decades. Winter resorts in this region sit at the top of all winter resorts globally each providing an unmatched experience. In case you are planning to enjoy the phenomenon that is the Alps, consider following our preplanned travel circuit – the Geneva to Chamonix  route which takes in other resorts such as Mozine and Verbier too. Why choose one ski resort when you can so easily visit all three ski hotspots.


  1. Verbier

Located about 167km from the Geneva International Airport, Verbier should be your first stop on your winter Geneva to Chamonix circuit trip. This Swiss resort in the Alps is infamous for it’s luxurious chalets, hotels & plentiful ski options too. Accessible via rail (classy in its own way) or road via a transfer company such as Alpybus. Verbier is popular as a weekend or short break destination.

If you make your way to the Verbier winter resort with the purpose of honing your skiing skills, then you have made the right choice. The 4 Vallees ski area is regarded as being a pilgrimage of sorts to plenty of amateur skiers with the goals and dreams of making it pro. This ski area usually brings with it top tier skiers and snow boarders.

After a number of hours of gliding on (or ploughing through) the snow, you can make your way to more than a dozen hotel establishments. Accommodation is taken very seriously and each hotel bears a rating of a minimum 3-stars to a mouth-watering 5 stars.

Known to be the home of wooded chalets, the selection of these chalets can only be described as being superb. You have the choice of renting or buying either of these chalets each with services and prices to match their exquisite location in the Alps.

  1. Morzine

Located in Portes du Soleil, Morzine is a winter resort given full acclaim by both veteran and new visitors. Based on our recommended Geneva to Chamonix winter trail, access to Morzine is a near 1 hour and 20 minutes bus trip from the Geneva International Airport.

The runs are meticulously groomed to ensure that your runs are equally almost perfect, if not perfect. This is a set standard even when the snowfall is poor before the start of the season.

Chalet accommodation rating is equal to that of Verbier – Excellent. 4 star and 5 star hotels are located along the resort to provide you with a comfortable stay. The food standard in Morzine is amazing with the best chefs in the alps at your beck and call whenever you make an order in the many restaurants set up to ensure that you experience the full Alpine package.

  1. Chamonix

The last stop on our Geneva to Chamonix circuit is, you guessed it, Chamonix.
Regarded as being the Mecca of the Alpines, everyone from holiday seekers, acclaimed photographers, amateur and top-tier skiers and snow boarders make their way to Chamonix during the Winter season.

Made up of 5 resorts linked by bus only, Chamonix is a gem in the world of winter resorts worldwide. This winter resort will give you the luxury of experiencing some of the best free-riding you will ever experience in your life!

Taking the Alpybus between the resorts, is the easiest way of access. There are multitude of people waiting to experience the splendour that is Chamonix. When you get to the resort, Chamonix is home to great accommodation, on-time transportation and a wide selection of shops and malls for your winter shopping.

Consider joining the many travellers and make your way to the Alpines. The resorts from Geneva to Chamonix will definitely give you an experience that will live with you forever. As always, make sure to have fun and relax on the slopes that each of these resorts provide.