Finding the ideal Minnesota concrete contractor can be difficult for beginners. For starters, what is a concrete apron? Well, it is the slab of concrete that extends out from the garage out into the driveway. Yes, it is the sloping part of the driveway. Simple enough.

Concrete Aprons

Concrete aprons cost, on average, $1500. However, the benefits of an apron and the money saving uses it has will make the initial investment a no-brainer. For one, it makes the transition from the road into your garage much smoother. This will prevent the havoc and damage that angled concrete can wreck on your car by jarring it and potentially tearing up your tires. As well, the general comfort of having that gentle transition is enough to make it a must-have for your home.

If you live in an area known for rain and flooding, the apron will be a lifesaver there, as well. With the slope going down from the garage to the road, the water will run down and away from your house, helping to prevent moisture from gaining access to the inside and keeping the surrounding structures from water damage that will lead to further expenses in repairs. And for those with fluctuating temperatures and weather, the apron is there to prevent damage to the driveway by providing more support and weight baring capabilities.


When considering a concrete apron, one must consider what goes into make one, as well. Starting off, the area is measured and stakes are laid to form the perimeter. Following that, one must proceed to dig a hole within perimeter. Then, using a tamper, compact the dirt in the excavated area. Then 2 by 8 boards are laid out as a mold to hold the concrete in place, and fill the bottom of that mold with a 2-inch layer of crushed rocks. Then a leveler is used to make sure the rocks layer is even. If the apron is wider than 8 feet, a 1 by 2 inch board has to be laid perpendicular to create an expansion joint, then wire reinforcing mesh is placed over the base, as well, taking care around the expansion joints. Then at least 4000 psi of concrete has to be poured, at least 4 inches thick, followed by a shoveling up to cover the expansion joint and the edges of the perimeter and then a leveling done by sweeping high points into low points and running a bull-float over the top. At last, the concrete is left to set and the form is removed with pry bars.

A concrete apron is easily an investment that stands crucial to any home. At the very least, it provides ease of access and damage prevention for your vehicle, and realistically, it protects your home from the hazardous elements, as well. So, at an average cost of $1500, the amount you can easily be saving by investing in a concrete apron for your driveway can easily pay off with a reduction in the costs for the repairs that flat ground and sharp edges can lead to.