Technologies are constantly evolving, becoming way more advanced, and it has proved to be beneficial to people. If you want to make long calls, especially international ones, then you probably have to deal with a huge bill. But with the help of a technology named softphone you can make calls for very low price. Yes, it is true! Softphone enables you to call anyone via any internet-enabled device – tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop computer. It functions more or less like a traditional phone, the difference is that no physical desk phones are involved. The dialing panel and all the control buttons are on your device’s screen. You have to use a headset and make sure there is a microphone too in order to complete the call.

How Does It Work?

A softphone offers all the essential features that a traditional phone will have. These are Mute, DND, Flash, Hold, DTMF, Transfer and many more other features. You just need a computer, or laptop, or tablet, or even a smartphone along with a speaker and microphone and, the most importantly, a reliable internet connection. A typical softphone uses a voice-over-the-internet-protocol (VoIP) technology, where voice travels over internet in form of IP packet.

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What Are The Benefits?

There are a number of advantages of using the softphones technology to make international call. This is not only cheap and affordable but also has a lot of other features that makes this highly beneficial for all people. Some of the greatest advantages of softphone are –

 – It is very cheap as it takes as less as $0.01 for a minute call from the US to China for both landline and wireless. If you make calls from your phone then it will cost you a lot such as $ 0.15 to $ 0.20 per minute.

– With this you can make calls from anywhere to anyone, be it international or national roaming calls. Otherwise, it will be too much for you the bills. You can now easily stay connected to everyone around the world.

– Since this is a call that you can make from your computer devices, you will not need landlines on your desk. Thus, it will free up the space on your desk.

– Long distance calls at affordable prices could be of help for business purposes. If you are selling internationally, then softphone might be a savvy way to reach your clients or business partners in other countries.


So, this helps you to make international calls in cheaper prices. World has became smaller and closer with these technologies. You can now simply call anyone across the world and talk with them. Be it personal or professional need, this softphone technology might be helpful for you. The technologies have undoubtedly improved a lot and it will more in future. These internet calls have given people a scope to stay connected with people around the world. So, a reliable internet connection and an internet-enabled device of your choice are all you need to make cheap calls. You can even do conference calls, video calls etc with the help of a softphone. Besides, there are many more features offered by the softphone.