Samsung Galaxy S4 is a celebrated phone among Android users for its exceptional features and specifications. The slim design of the phone with a 5-inch AMOLED screen makes it an attractive and less-chunky phone that doesn’t show through your slim fitted pants pockets. The Corning’s new Gorilla® Glass 3* used in the phone makes the phone more durable and less prone to breakage. This feature makes the Samsung Galaxy S4 the perfect phone for clumsy souls who often deal with broken phone screens due to mishandling.

The 441ppi screen also adds up to its desirability, giving everyone an additional reason to buy this phone. The camera features are also to die for. Every picture clicked using this phone is of high quality with well-defined details. The dual shot allows the use of both the cameras at the same time, showing us both the sides of the coin in one single picture. The phone also provides with the ability to record soundtrack while clicking photos. Now your photo gallery is not just a collection of mere pictures but will serve as a diary with illustrated audio stories of your life.

However, with a slim phone comes a slimmer battery. Although Samsung promises a battery life of up to 8 hours, the users often find themselves struggling for charging stations after a few hours of heavy usage. The battery power of 2,600mAh is better than the power back up provided by other phone companies of same range but not good enough to make a person feel secure about his/her battery back-up.

Extending Battery Life

Many users find the need to extend the battery life of their Samsung phones by replacing their original Galaxy S4 battery with a battery that provides with a better battery back-up while fitting in the thin frame of the phone. A battery of up to 3,300mAh can be fitted in the existing frame of the phone.

When buying an additional battery, make sure of its quality. If a battery of some other company blows up and damages the Samsung phone then the damages won’t be covered by your warranty. It’s better to look for a battery of a trusted brand or if possible then of Samsung itself.

For those people who have heavy usage of their phones, an option of enlarged replacement back is available. This enlarged back makes room for a thicker battery of up to 5,200mAh. A battery this big serves as the best option for people who don’t like to worry about running out of charge.

The big back almost doubles the thickness of the phone, from 8mm to 16.5mm. The cover is made up of plastic and comes in shiny white, black and blue colors. The elite appearance of the original polycarbonate cover is also compromised. Even the logo of Samsung is replaced by ANKER, further degrading the overall appearance of the phone.

If you are someone who cares more about features and battery benefits, then this is an excellent alternative for you. However, if you are someone who cares about the appearance and exhibition of brand name then compromising on the battery life is the only option left.