High-quality imported rugs are durable and a result of great artisanship, but the ravages of time, dust and dirt can tarnish a bit of that original glow – at times even harming the exquisite fabrics. Take care of your precious rugs so you can enjoy their luster and sheen for a very long time. Here are some recommendations on how you can go about this.

Remove the dust

First, you need to check your rug for dust – turn it over and beat the reverse of the carpet so you can see the amount of dirt collected.

Rub your palms across the fabric of the rug and observe them. If your hands are coated with dirt then your rug needs a good wash. Before you throw it into the “rug bath”, you need to vacuum it carefully, so you do not hurt the fabric. Avoid vacuuming the edges and clean up the reverse of the rug too. You can also apply some warm water to clean stubborn stains.

Wash And Dry

Check the weather before you decide to wash your beloved decorative rug. You do not want it to hang damp for many gloomy days on end – this is not good for the fabric and will weaken the knitting. Sunny days are the best days to give your carpet a wash.

The best place to do it so you avoid a mess is outdoors. Rinse the rug with a hose and ensure that the water is room temperature. Gently apply some mild detergent (the stuff you reserve for your most delicate clothes) and let the carpet foam up a bit. Massage the lather all over the carpet the same way you would massage shampoo on your head – soft but firm.  

The rinsing process must be very thorough as you do not want soap-induced chemicals to stay in the fabric of the rug. Squeeze out as much water as you want and leave it out to dry in a spot where it can be spread out. You can also hang the rug and make sure that the reverse side of the carpet also gets its moment in the sun.

The drying process has to be comprehensive because moisture in the rugs can lead to unhealthy breathing environments – the thicker your rug the longer you hang (or place) it in the sun. Rub the fabric once it is dry to get the upper fabric upright and give it a light vacuuming session before you place it back in its spot at home.

Carpets are treasures worth keeping

Carpets like the ones you get at Samad Rugs can be a treasure for generations to come. They are cultural expressions of faraway lands and tell stories that have been passed on for centuries. These motifs and the weaving techniques are unique so when you take care of these rugs, make sure you give all the attention you can.

Enjoy the aesthetic addition of a beautiful rug – a timeless piece of home décor. When picking up carpets online, you can do a bit of research on different ways you can use them in the home – either as floor décor or wall additions.