Dramas in the past have played an important role in the upheaval of our media industry. Many illustrious dramas have galvanized our generations. Pakistani industry has started making many traditional dramas. The inventive writers, effectual directors and actors are a great part of this revolution.

In the early 90’s, the esteemed dramas like ‘KHUDA KI BASTI’ in 1969, ANKAHI in 1982, DHOOP KINAREY in 1987 have put our industry at remarkable heights. All these old Pakistani TV dramas have showed a sturdy story line and a pleasant family environment. All the tribute and honor goes to the brilliant story writers. Their stories were close to realities and writers sketches the issues of society. They have won many awards, honor and popularity all over the world.


After this Pakistani industry have gone through a period of decline because Indian typical soaps have gained so much popularity those days that all the people even Pakistani people got addicted to them.This popularity had a very bad impact on people’s state of mind as well as our drama industry was badly influenced by these soaps because they have tried to trace the story line of these soaps. But after that they had thought that these had only destroyed our society and had badly affected our lives .So they had then tried to adopt the same ways of portraying story.They had then again started sketching our culture and social issues and they have succeeded also in doing so.This sudden change has refreshed the audiences who have appreciated their efforts.

Nowadays, again there is a tough competition between different channels and the dramas like NOOR BANO, NOOR PUR KI RANI, and MERIZAAT ZARRA E BE NISHA, are the outputs of these competitions. These dramas are based on harsh realities of life, the people bearing these realities and then coming out of all trouble at last and getting the reward.

MALAL is a story of broken dreams, broken hearts, heart aches, human relationships. In this drama only real people are portrayed with beautiful conversation through which people can be glued to the screens.

DAAM is a wonderful story based on the struggle started from the very first step for basic necessities of life to a luxurious life.Their journey of life is full of thorns in the beginning and then slowly and gradually picking up these thorns and paving their way themselves.

DURR E SHAHWAR is a moralizing drama teaches to be patient in the beginning years of marriage and be tolerant. It also shows how much it matters that someone is always there to teach you in difficult times of your life.

DASTAAN, it is truly a Daastan based on the sufferings through which MUSLIMS had gone through partition. It is tale of hardships, bearings, miseries, difficulties and oppression. We have got a separate state but for this we had paid the cost of many lives, many dreams, and many wishes, which were very much precious.

All these and many others have truly revived our drama industry. These Pakistani drama have showed the bitter realities of life.The problems emerging in our societies are creating a huge trouble for us, the purpose to show all this is to make people aware of all these problems.

The stories of new emerging writers provided by a strong and powerful direction make our industry to rise high. In short Pakistani dramas because of imaginative, constructive and inspired writers along with flawless cast and competitive and prevailing directors are ranked among the best dramas we ever had.