Purchasing any car can be a stressful process.  The first question you will need to ask yourself is whether you actually wish to buy the vehicle or whether you would prefer to lease it.  There are benefits associated with both methods of car ownership.  Whichever option you choose you will then need to decide which type of vehicle best suits your needs; you may need something with a big boot, a family vehicle or simply something that can go anywhere.

If you decide to buy then you will also need to consider whether you can purchase the vehicle outright, or whether you need to decide on the right finance choice for your needs.  All of this is before you decide whether to buy new or pre-owned and whether to buy privately or through a dealer.

The Land Rover is an incredibly versatile vehicle which can accommodate up to seven people with luggage and go anywhere.  It is actually a good choice for many people; if you feel this is the best choice for you then you will need to consider visiting your local Land Rover dealer. Here are several reasons why is worth using a Land Rover dealer instead of a specialist or private sale:

Range of Vehicles

A Land Rover Dealer will have an extensive range of vehicles on the lot; this means you will be able to look at the various different models to confirm that the one you thought you wanted is the right one for you.  This is also the best opportunity to study the spec and get the vehicle that has everything you need.  As well as the vehicles on display, you will find that a Land Rover dealer has access to the stock at all the other dealers across the country; giving you a much bigger pool to choose from!  You are almost guaranteed to find the color and spec car you want within your budget.

Safety Checks

When you buy an approved used Land Rover from your local dealer you can rest assured that it will have undergone a wide range of safety checks before it is deemed fit for sale.  This should inspire you with confidence when you first drive off the lot.  It is unlikely that you will have an issue on the way home.


A Land Rover dealer is able to offer you a warranty on every vehicle they sell.  This is because they are the ones which know these vehicles the best and will be able to fix them, if necessary.  They are also the ones who have already inspected your Land Rover and are confident that there are no issues with it.  This guarantee will give you peace of mind; especially if you are intending on driving any distance!


Finally, if you use your local Land Rover dealer you will start to establish a relationship which will ensure you have a the very best service offered to you whenever you need to use them in the future; whether for servicing, repairs or even replacing your vehicle.