Parenthood is a joy desired by many; achieved by a few. The less fortunate ones have to go a period of trials and tribulations before they can attain that joy. Many have wondered if there was any basic and simple tool which could help them in this process before they opted for specialized treatments and tests. There is a simple solution which is not only a cost-effective method but has also proved to be quite successful – Conception Kit at-home system.

Often it is seen that in case of infertility, both men and women have equal responsibilities. If the man has a problem, it becomes a little difficult to convince him, because often they feel uncomfortable for a doctor’s visit.

As a proactive partner, it is up to you to convince him that this is a shared problem, and both of you need to tackle it together. The pattern of male infertility is generally diagnosed through a semen analysis. The sperm is generally tested to understand sperm concentration, ejaculation and also sperm motility. And if there is a requirement, other tests are conducted in addition to the sperm analysis.

The good thing about this system is that it is approved by FDA, is prescribed by the doctor, and is even covered by your insurance policy. What else can you ask for? Plus, couples who prefer the privacy of their homes instead of any invasive clinical care will find this entire system extremely convenient.


It is actually a three-month program which includes everything to increase your chances in conception. Significant steps in the course of conception like ovulation and cervical cap insemination are done in the fine comforts of your home. There are many who feel particularly shy to open up before a doctor and would prefer some privacy will be relieved with this kit.

Also, any treatment incurs a lot of money. Sometime matters of finance become so pressing and stressful, that financial obligations become more important than the whole procedure of conception. With Conception Kit at-home, is covered by a number of insurance plans and can be used in the first year itself.

FC_photoThis three-month system is nothing short of a miracle. Even when it is not covered by the insurance plans, you will be glad to know that it is far less expensive than any kind of infertility treatments or diagnostic care. Conceiving a child is not always easy, especially for those who are already diagnosed with some problems.

At times, it becomes extremely stressful to not have any positive results, especially when you are trying so hard. Even intimacy becomes an issue, as most couples state that they have the constant feeling of trying too hard without any result. If you are one of these people, then your answer lies with Conception Kit at-home. Take a deep breath, because this ensures results within the privacy of your home. No more prying eyes, no more hospital visits and no more uncomfortable tests.

Parenthood is indeed a blessing in disguise, and if you still feel that it is an unachievable dream look into