Fun learning or learn in play is one of the most common teaching concept world is heading towards. Keeping this concept in mind many educational games are designed by the intellects. These educational games not only help the child to learn various concepts of different subjects but it also inculcates practical learning and application in the child. Edge of Extinction is one such card game series that not only educate both children and adults about our eco system and how it works but it also develop the skill to play together with your friends and family. It has more or less become a trading card game which is helping to support many local libraries.

What is Edge of Extinction all about?

Basically it is a card game which you will need to play in group of two, three or four. Each card has a picture of a particular location on the earth and it also has information related to that location. The card deck comes along with a rule book or guide which can tell you all the instructions that needs to be followed while playing the game. You also need to follow a marking system. Each move will make you earn or loose certain points. These points are noted on a piece of paper and sub total is done in the end. Player with maximum points wins in the end.

Get an insight of your eco system!

There is no denial of the fact that human lives are dependent on the eco system at the most basic level. In the rat race of materialism and development we have over looked the importance of eco system in our lives and we are doing all possible activities which can cause harm to eco system. All such activities are described on each card. When we try and damage any kind of flora or fauna of the opponent player, it leads to imbalance in their eco system. From gaming point of view the opponent will lose points when there is an imbalance in the eco system. It will eventually lead to defeat of the other player.

Win or loss in a game can be over looked. On a broad platform this game is giving us a very big lesson of life. If we continue destroying the flora and fauna in out eco system it will eventually lead to imbalance and destruction. In a way we will lose in a game called life. It is very important that parents should introduce such educative and informative games in the lives of their children.

What new series of the deck has got to offer?

Makers of the game are quite excited as they introduce the four new decks this season. All the young gamers will be glad to know that new series of the decks have pictures and information about national parks. Game makers have actually gone to all those caves, forests and mountains for clicking the real pictures for their young gamers.