What is Plasma Donation?

Plasma Donation is a beneficent manner to assist the uncommon illness neighborhood whereas incomes some additional money. It can deal with ailments like lack of major immune deficiency, alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency, hemophilia, and many others. What is Plasma? Plasma consists of 90% water, plasma is a transporting medium for cells


5 Tips For Managing Asthma As The Weather Changes

Does the blossoming of flowers and the warming of the weather cause you to reach for your asthma inhaler? You’re not alone. For many asthma sufferers, changes in seasons can lead to difficulty breathing that result in severe coughing. While you can’t control the thunderstorms, pollen, heat, humidity and air conditioning that may trigger your condition, there are things you can do to manage your symptoms and breathe easy as

Kensington Insurtech Limited Secures $10M Funding to Accelerate Growth

Kensington Insurtech Limited, a Dubai-based technology company, today announces the completion of a new $10 million financing round — fuelling the company’s global growth, consolidating its technical leadership in the future of HR technology and developing a new product roadmap for the artificial intelligence of things (AIoT). “We’re very grateful for the ongoing commitment of our existing investors and welcome the new investors on our exciting journey. This increased investment

Importance of a Breast Screen Check-up

Thousands of women worldwide are diagnosed with Breast Cancer every year and with the help of breast screen check-ups, they have a better chance of recovery if diagnosed early. Breast Cancer occurs when cells in the breast tissue start to grow abnormally with the potential to spread outside the breast into other areas of the body. While breast cancer is more common among women, men can also develop cancer as

What Are the Top Benefits of the Fast Health Interop Resources Standard?

HIPAA states that health care providers must provide patients with fast and easy access to their medical records. Could the FHIR standard make this a reality?   In the world of health IT, the fast healthcare interoperability resources (FHIR) standard (which is, incidentally, pronounced “fire”) is dominating the matter of health records transferal. What is health records transferal, you ask? Let’s start here: Have you ever tried to switch health care