Outsourcing any part of your business can be a scary prospect, especially when considering outsourcing an inbound call center. They will be the first point of contact for your customers when they are either at the point of sale, have important questions or are encountering issues with service. Having a friendly expert team can make the difference between making and losing a sale, more than that it can impact your returning customer ratio.

You need to make sure you’re providing faultless service in this regard and so it should only be entrusted to a team that you have every confidence in. That level of trust is easily instilled into an in-house team but the cost of setting up the necessary tech, training, and team members can be staggeringly high, outsourcing certainly cuts this cost and choosing the right inbound call center can easily provide the same value. Here are a few things to think about when making that choice.


The first thing you need to identify is that of your own needs. Are you looking to outsource just an inbound call center? Would you like an outbound call center as well? Social media management? Email and site chat services? As the market continues to grow the services offered within an outsourced customer care provider have grown too. You can choose to keep some of it in-house or outsource the entire package to free up your own team to focus on the business and growth. Assess your customer base and their needs and what would be most beneficial to you.


When browsing the market the cost is often the first factor that you may consider. Make sure you’re making a value judgment though and not just on a race to the bottom for the lowest price. Outsourcing your inbound call center to another part of the world, in particular, the Philippines, will already be saving you a great deal of money. Within that saving, there is a lot of wiggle room in terms of quality of the service provided and the cost. Weigh in this consideration very carefully when making your choice.


When you’re building a business, your voice and branding are almost essential to establishing yourself and keeping your customer base coming back. They need to identify and understand your values and align them with their own. You will need to identify your core market and focus on establishing an identity that they can get on board with. English has quickly become the global language and so choosing an inbound call center that speaks it and understands it well is fairly essential. Again, choosing an outsourced inbound call center in the Philippines benefits from their bilingual culture and the accent there is the least pronounced if you’re looking to outsource overseas.

There are just a few of the important decisions you will have to make when outsourcing to an inbound call center. Be sure to browse the market and identify the core factors that matter the most to you, find out more.