Digital migration wave that has hit virtually all economies across the world has made majority if not all of business organizations to drop their traditional face-to-face methods of transacting and adopt online transactions or e-commerce. The fashion industry grows day in day out and thus the best way of selling women fashion tops is through online platforms. Note that online sales and marketing platforms provide real-time interaction with customers not only within the local geographic boundaries but across the globe.

Some individuals or business organizations are scared of wholesaling their products and thus prefer selling single units of the products. Wholesaling is good and best way to expand a business because of two main reasons. First, it encourages direct contact between the manufacturer and the final end-users without middlemen. This gives the manufacturer an opportunity to propagate his or her brand as well as create good relationship with the end users thus promoting consumer loyalty. Second, it gives a manufacturer an opportunity to understand the market properly and thus the manufacturer can predict what the market will desire in future.


Face-to-face wholesaling women fashion tops has been exploited for several decades. Advance in information and communication technology has given business organizations an opportunity of gaining competitive edge through carrying out online marketing. Online wholesaling women fashion tops is the best way of ensuring better revenue stream, expand customer base and ensure sustainable customer loyalty because of the following reasons:

First, it increases the manufacturer’s exposure to a larger market because online products can be accessed by anyone across the globe. Second, it offers convenience to the manufacturer and the buyer since the transaction is done without requiring the seller and the buyer to meet physically. Third, it is less costly to the manufacturer because the manufacturer does not need to have physical stores. It is imperative to note the physical stores attract several costs such as management and maintenance costs. Fourth, it allows the manufacturer to use pricing competitive strategy by having better prices than competitors. Fifth, it allows the consumers to select the best product out of the variety found online, which enhances customer loyalty.

Lastly, in light of the fact that fashion industry keeps on changing, online wholesaling women fashion tops gives the manufacturer an opportunity to give the market its (manufacturer’s) latest design immediately it is manufactured. Indeed, online wholesaling women fashion tops is the only way to go if revenue stream needs to be improved.