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NITECORE is a well-known outdoor brands for world top manufacturer lighting products and electronic tools for high-end users in, for example, heavy industry, hikers, campers, mountaineers and some other outdoor activities like fishing, boating, or diving etc. So far NITECORE’s wholesale program has reached over 100 countries and regions. Actually when I checked online and found some categories of the enterprise have won international competition, like the Infinite Variable Brithtness ( the Nitecore NDI); the Smart Piston Drive System (D10); the Golden Winner of the 2014 ISPO Award (CR6 mode) NITECORE also has a professional R&D team for their new products’s design and consumer analysis..

NITECORE HC30 Mode Features

NITECORE HC30 mode have a series of great technological features. It has fully metal made body so could provides incomparable portability. The CREE XM-L2 U2 LED lights can reaches up to 1,000 lumens, which is indeed very good for night uses. The battery can be used for around 320 hours. The Precision Digital Optics Technology and Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology is input into NITECORE HC30 mode.


NITECORE EC20 Mode Features

The EC20 mode is another cool product for the NITECORE lighting series. If switched off the EC20 mode, I could still access to the lastest used brightness option, or press and hold the power button to access ultra-low level. In the case of switched on EC20 mode, I could easily turned to its strobe or special modes. Compared with NITECORE HC30 mode, EC20 mode also has the Precision Digital Optics Technology, and around 1,000 lumens output.

NITECORE EC20 Mode Testing Experience

If you checked on Amazon platforms, you could easily found the majority of NITECORE EC20 mode list has had a at least 4 stars consumer feedback rating, and some of them even reach 5 stars. If you using the holder in the package list to place it in with the switch, it could effectively prevent accidental turn on’s. Even its low power mode can provide adequate light for dark night environment. Batteries are also good and easy to fit in the EC20. All batteries are rechargeable, or you can order NITECORE 3400mAh ones. If you press and hold the EC20 then it will cycle to SOS signal. One more press and hold it would changed to beacon mode. NITECORE EC20 mode is easy to carry, for example, on your belt, and won’t take much space in your front pants pocket. If compared to another famous brand Fenix PD35, the design of these two brands are quite similar except the power switch option on the tailcap. NITECORE EC20 flashlight can be at bathtub depth for a couple of minutes so EC20 is waterproof.


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