Over the past year – 18 months – the kitchen as we knew it from then has completely changed. The shelving was opened up, the cabinetry became darker, and metallic accents, which had been popular in terms of cabinet knobs, moved far beyond the scope of this alone.

But come late 2015, and moving forward into 2016, and we’re now seeing a major overhaul. And this overhaul is no longer in the kitchen. Instead, it’s in a different room – that of the bathroom.

Everything from the sink to the color scheme, from tubs to tiles, and there’s been some form of upgrade made. This is according to the style report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association.

That said, we’ve assessed exactly how it’s expected that homeowners and interior designers will now go about making alterations to their bathrooms…

No longer in: The coastal styled cottage bathroom look

Now in: Clean and contemporary

The style report by the National Kitchen and Bath Association claimed that over 400 designers had agreed that there is a very keen move towards simplicity. And that comes in a cleaner and more contemporary way. This is not to say that the cozier, rustic charm is going to be entirely lost in favor of pure glamor, but the lines will be cleaner and there will be an emphasis on a minimalistic type of modernized vibe.

No longer in: Rain showers

Now in: Soaking tubs

You can forget all about the glass-encased shower – now, it’s very much about the free-standing style and soaking tubs, to the point that we can expect the standard tub with the shower-surrounds to decline in popularity.

No longer in: The bowl sink over the cabinet

Now in: Leggy-sinks that are under-mounted

Those toiletries will have to be stashed elsewhere, given that stashing under the sink is not now seen as a trendy choice. What’s more, the bowl-shaped sinks that a few years back were much the in thing are no longer so “in” as they were.

No longer in: White paint

Now in: Dare we say it but shades of gray

You can kiss goodbye to so much white. There’s no doubt it will remain a particularly popular choice in terms of wall colors (and more) in bathrooms, together with beige and blue. After all, white brightens what could otherwise be a rather dim room in the house. However, the fastest growing shade in the bathroom is now various shades of gray.

No longer in: Granite vanities

Now in: Quartz countertops

In spite of what you may be thinking if you regularly keep an eye on the fashion-conscious television channels, there are a number of options available other than granite. And quartz will definitely be among the more popular of those.

No longer in: White subway tile

Now in: Sleek, black tiling

There’s no need to let the kitchen have all the fun in terms of the darker, moodier features. That’s now an in-vogue look for the bathroom, too. So, skip over the subway tile and instead, go for something that much bolder.

Additional Bathroom “Ins” for 2016


Some folks have been scared away from indoor plants. Nevertheless, it should be, and is, time to make a reclamation of the concept of the indoor plant, particularly so in the bathroom, if there’s enough space and some – even just a little – natural lighting available. Fact is that those cascading creepers are fit for pretty much every bathroom.

If you’re keen on the idea, but you’d prefer a more sophisticated alternative that is design-savvy and veers away from potted plants, you may prefer to have a vertical garden “installed” in your bathroom. Vertical gardens bring with them a real sense of interest and feel, and create a true atmosphere unto their own.

Natural beauty

If your intention is to enjoy a bathing area which is welcoming and pleasantly serene, then taking some inspiration from nature is a terrific way to warm up what is typically a hard room within the household. It’s time to infuse the bathroom space with a far more calming vibe by introducing marble flooring over an onyx countertop. You can, if you wish to take this further, by also introducing a feature wall which is inclusive of walnut-plank.

A further way to introduce this new trend is by incorporating wood-look or natural stone tiling.

And what about sinks? Well, for a beautiful selection of the most stylish, in-fashion bathroom collection, check out contemporary bathroom sinks.