I have never enjoyed the outdoors in the winter time as much as when I went to North Lake Tahoe last winter. The snowy white paradise was captivating and I just needed to stand there and take in the breathtaking view from the village streets. The mountain style lodging is typical of modern ski resort towns across the western U.S., but the views from the village are splendid indeed.  The shops and restaurants are locally owned and unique.  This was appreciated, as most resort areas have become overrun with the same chain stores you would see at the mall in every large metro.

North Lake Tahoe

Skiing in  North Lake Tahoe

Skiing is my favorite winter sport, so to say that I was thrilled with the abundant slopes of North Lake Tahoe is an understatement. The new friends I met during my trip talked of the vast expanses of powder in the area and I was transported to my own little snowy heaven by their stories. I recalled my skiing days when I was a child and how much I loved them.  The next morning, I hit the slopes and was not disappointed.  There were many runs to choose from and the lift lines were never long at all.  Runs for all levels of skiers are available.  However, I would say North Lake Tahoe caters most to the beginner and intermediate levels, with only a few expert level slope options.  My powder conditions were great, but we had just received 4 inches of fresh powder the night before.  I have been told that the ski conditions are typically good, with many snow machines creating powder every night.

Skiing in  North Lake Tahoe

Winter activities abound in the lake and in my downtime, I stayed in the Village at Northstar and observed the tourists enjoying fun activities like snowmobiling, sledding, snowshoeing, and cross country skiing and of course shopping. One evening I had my first ice skating experience and it was a bit painful but fun. I fell down several times, but I think that added to the experience. I encountered friendly groups that were more than happy to teach a clumsy girl like me what to do. After numerous attempts I finally got the hang of it.  After good two hours of skating and falling, I warmed myself near a large bonfire as I listened to the cross country skiing adventures of my friends in the majestic mountains surrounding the lake.

In the summer, North Lake Tahoe comes alive offering many different leisure activities to visitors. I want to check out the amazing boat cruises that people were chatting about. In my next visit, I will try catching a giant fish in Lake Tahoe.   North Lake Tahoe is a major golf destination, but that doesn’t appeal to me much.  If golf is your game, you’ll be in heaven with over a dozen pro-level courses within a few miles.

I found North Lake Tahoe to be a splendid place where you can unwind by yourself or with the company of friends and family. With the string of activities available for your exploration, you are bound to have an unforgettable and fun-filled time just like I did. I am heading back to North Lake Tahoe next summer. How about you?