Dishwashing is an activity that is not looked forward to by many. This is the reason for the dishwasher being a highly appreciated home appliance. It simplifies the overwhelming chore of washing utensils and dishware.

A dishwasher has the additional advantage of using less water than when you wash the dishes manually. With proper care, you can easily maintain the dishwasher in prime condition without any elaborate repairs. Here are some important tips for dishwasher care.

Deodorize and clean interior

It is necessary to clean the dishwasher periodically with a warm dish rag or a cleaning solution. The space present between tub bottom and door is the area where most food particles accumulate and lead to growth of mould. This is the region that is not cleaned during a wash cycle.  

Cleaning this section can be done by the following methods:

  • A sewing needle or pipe cleaner can be used to remove debris, paper bits and food particles in the small holes in the spray arms.
  • Deodorizer designed particularly for dishwashers helps to avoid growth of mould and keeps the interior space smelling fresh and fragrant always.
  • For rust stains, rust removing liquid can be used.
  • Exterior door of dishwasher can be cleaned using detergent and warm water.
  • Avoid using tooth pick to remove food particles in the dishwasher, as it my break off and fall into the wash section.

Filter cleaning

A filter is present in the spray arm in the dishwasher. Filter requires regular cleaning and inspecting. For proper filter cleaning, read the manufacturer’s manual. Any damage or holes in the filter will require replacement of filter to prevent the pump and motor seals from being damaged and put out of action.

Dish Racks repair

If you find the bottom or top rack of the dishwasher has the plastic coating tearing off, immediate replacement is required. If not attended in time, the racks will corrode, rust and let shards of rusty metal to enter into the pump in a dishwasher. This can lead to heavy expensive repairs.

Overloading issues

As far as possible take care to not overload the dishwasher. Cramming up the dishwasher space can lead to restricted water spray. This causes inefficient cleaning. You may have to do a rewash, wasting more water.

Water temperature

It is essential for the temperature of water to be sufficiently hot to have optimum cleaning.  Water needs to be hot enough to dissolve the detergent and activate it. This ensures the detergent works efficiently in loosening and clearing away all common food wastes.  A minimum of 120 degrees in Fahrenheit is required. Verify the temperature of the water by filling your kitchen sink with hot water and measuring the temperature of the water as it runs. This will help you to adjust the temperature of the water to the required degree.  And avoid using hot water for other purposes while the dishwasher is on like for baths, shower or laundry.

With proper care and maintenance, it is possible to keep your dishwasher in good working condition and providing optimum performance. This will lead to reduced expenses towards frequent replacements or repair of the parts.