Your driveway says a lot about your home. This is one of the first things you and guests will notice when you arrive at your property and is probably one of the things that drew you to the home in the first place. Whether your driveway has yet to be properly paved or whether your driveway is looking cracked or damaged in any way, Black Hawk Garage Door can help customize the right application to refresh the look of your driveway all the while keeping it protected for longer.

Driveway Damage and Repair

Floor applications are important for a number of different reasons and this is no truer than when dealing with an exterior area that is faced with regular wear and tear. Your driveway gets put through a lot of pressure every year, from harsh sunlight to heavy snowfalls, not to mention the constant pressure from your cars driving up and down it every day.  This is why you need a driveway coating that will withstand the pressures and remain looking like new year after year after year.

Driveway Coatings

Commercial and Residential Driveway Applications

For Minnesota garage floor coatings Black Hawk Garage Door offers a 15 year warranty on all applications, from epoxy coating to polyureas. This includes damage from excessive wear, chipping, cracking and peeling. If your driveway is peeling or cracking then this not only looks bad but can also be dangerous for yourself and cause damage to your car, especially if you are driving over the problem every day. Take care of the issue with the right surface coating application from Black Hawk Garage Door.

For commercial driveway applications, including sidewalks and parking lots, we offer a five year warranty on all concrete coatings. You can be rest assured that your parking area is safe for your customers and also looks good. Having a parking lot or entrance way that is worn out can result in negative connotations to your business. Put your best foot forward and choose a driveway application that adds that extra commercial appeal to your property.

Minneapolis Driveway Resurfacing

When it comes to your driveway we know that only the best will do. At Black Hawk Garage Door we understand and we aim to be the best. Contact us today for a free quote on driveway and entranceway coatings today.