1. Proper shampooing routine

Healthy hair maintenance starts in the shower. Many guys make a mistake of washing their hair every day, which is an extremely bad habit. Too much is never good, and too much shampooing is not an exception. Over-washing distorts natural moisture balance of your hair by washing away essential oils and moisture. You should wash your hair less often if you want to avoid unneeded dryness.

  1. Optimal moisture balance

According to the best barbers in Manhattan, proper hydration is one of the key elements of a healthy hair maintenance. If your hair is moisturized, it feels healthy and strong. A conditioner is a very important product due to its moisturizing properties, so condition each time you shampoo. You can also hydrate your hair with the help of hydrating masks, oil treatments, and products with a hydrating formula.

  1. High-quality hair products

Choices we make at the store have a direct influence on the condition of our hair. Hair products are not created equal, that’s why it’s important to make good choices. The best barbers in Manhattan recommend reading labels before making a purchase and avoiding ingredients such as detergents, harsh chemicals, sulfates, and alcohol. Give your preference to high-quality hair products with natural ingredients!

  1. Purchase clarifying shampoo

Clarifying shampoo is a very important product in your arsenal. Dirt, dust, and residue from hair products tend to accumulate creating nasty buildup. It plugs your pores and disrupts functions of your scalp and hair, that’s why it’s important to set your scalp free. Clarifying shampoo is the best product for getting rid of nasty buildup, so clarify on a regular basis.

  1. Visit your barbershop monthly

Even if you know everything about hair maintenance, you still need to visit a professional. Barbers have more experience in this sphere, that’s why they know secrets and see things you don’t. It’s important to visit your barber every month (or at least every other month) to keep your ends trimmed and fresh. Moreover, your barbers can eliminate minor damage of your hair and share valuable tips.

  1. Minimize usage of heat tools

Heated tools can cause a serious thermal damage if you use them improperly. First of all, it’s important to apply a strong protective product, which can create a barrier between your hair and heat. Second of all, it’s important to use high-quality tools instead of cheap appliances, which are more likely to cause damage. Thirdly, you should try to keep the usage of heated tools to a minimum because frequent exposure to heat is a straight road to thermal damage.

  1. Thorough protection from the sun

Most of us ignore the importance of protection in the sun. It’s a huge mistake because sun radiation can have negative consequences for our hair. The best way to shield your hair from UV rays is to wear a hat. You should also use products with UV filters, which will block harmful sun rays and provide your hair with a thorough protection.

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