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Signing up for FreeGameMemberships.com is free and you will quickly be on your way to earning free game memberships to Club Penguin. Club Penguin is very fun because there is always something new and exciting going on, whether you are a free member or paid member. It is important that you keep up on all of these new things going on in the game. We are going to tell you what is new in Club Penguin right now and what is going on for the month of May.

News and May Update for Club Penguin

Zootopia Party- The Zootopia Party will be going on from May 19 until July 6. This is the place where players of Club Penguin will be able to see where the animals live in tranquility. There will also be Savanna Central places you can go with your friends and hang out. There will also be many outfits that will be available around this time that is all themed around Zootopia. This party in Club Penguin is running for a few weeks so that players from all over will get to participate even if they cannot log in until the next week. You will also be able to find exciting adventures and quests that are all themed around Zootopia as well.


Schedules Every Month- One cool update and feature coming to Club Penguin, beginning this month is that there will be a schedule put out once a month. This will be the schedule of activities and updates that the Club Penguin staff has planned. This schedule will allow for players to see what is going on in the game for the month without having to email staff and ask when certain projects or activities will be launching. You can find the May schedule out now and from here on out, just look for the monthly update article to tell you all you need to know about Club Penguin for that month.

What is New for May- Speaking of schedules, we know what will be going on in May, with some activities already happening early in the month. Coming up on May 18 there is the Zootopia Party which everyone is excited about. The Club Penguin Times Issue 549 will also be coming out. Remember that the Club Penguin Times is only out twice a month now instead of four times a month, which means this is a bi-weekly paper now. There is also going to be a next pin hidden on May 18 too, so there is a lot going on next week in Club Penguin.

There will still be some events that are secret and won’t be announced in the Club Penguin Times or the monthly schedule. This is so that there are still some surprises players will be happy to see when they log into the game, with one huge surprise coming later this year that no one can talk about. For now, though, you will be able to see all of the public events in Club Penguin just by checking out the Monthly blog and reading the bi-weekly Club Penguin Times. Get ready though because Zootopia is coming May 18, and it definitely will be full of adventure and fun!