Mac data recovery freeware is the perfect choice for those of you who want to recover your deleted or lost files completely from your Mac computer. Besides that you can also recover digital camera, SD or memory card, USB drive, external hard disk by following three simple steps. All of the lost files can be retrieved including videos, pictures, music, documents, emails, archives, much more because of formatting, deleting, OS crash, virus infection, volume loss or a couple of other reasons. You just have to download the Mac data recovery freeware – Recuva for Mac and you can get all of the lost data easily.

There are a couple of benefits if you use this Mac data recovery freeware. All of the deleted files can be recovered easily even the recycle bin which has been emptied. Lost files can be completely recovered from internal or external hard drive or storage media which has been formatted. This freeware can also recover lost files from the inaccessible partition, lost or deleted. This Mac data recovery freeware also supports in order to recover deleted file because of virus infection, OS X upgrade, file system crash, reinstallation, unexpected power failure, or a couple of other reasons.

Lost data can be recovered by Do Your Data Recovery from Mac machines such as Mac notebooks, Mac laptops, Mac-based hard drives and also lost data can be retrieved from removable such as digital camera, USB drive, external hard disk, memory/SD card, and much more. This Mac data recovery freeware can also recover a couple of types of lost files such as videos, photos, documents, audio files, folders, emails, archives, and much more.


This freeware is very simple to use and you just have to take three steps in order to recover your lost data.

Types of file that you want to recover should be chosen

The default is selecting all file types. For those of you who want to recover two or three file types, you just have to choose them on the interface. For instance, if you want to recover photos, you just have to choose Images, and then your device or drive will be scanned by the program and your images or photos will be found. You will be more focus on the scanning results because your will save a lot of time.

Device or drive should be chosen where you lost your files

In order to start scanning, you have to choose device or drive where the files lost. Lost files can be recovered from external or local Mac hard drive and also lost files can be retrieved from the digital camera, USB drive, SD card, memory card or a couple of storage media. Lost files can also be recovered from lost or deleted Mac volumes.

Recover the files after you preview them

The files can be previewed in order to look for the quality before you do the recovery process. And then you can recover that file that you want and then they should be saved on your computer or your storage device.