Spain is a lively, exciting country, full of a rich tapestry of colors, food, and history. It’s a popular holiday destination for the English, but many people from around the world like to call Spain their hogar lejos Del hogar—home away from home. You don’t compromise on real estate as you want to live in the best luxury villas in Spain.

Whether you’re searching for a permanent home, or a vacation destination, the selection of luxury villas in Spain is better than many other locations in the world today. Best of all, Spain has great weather, and it’s politically stable. Your family will find happiness while living here.

luxury villas for families

Many people turn to the luxury villa option as they need plenty of room for their families. How many bedrooms do you need? Six bedrooms, six bathrooms? A luxury villa starts there, and you may find villas that have upwards of twenty to thirty bedrooms, and each one having their dedicated bathrooms.

Beautiful luxury villas in Spain have many amenities that aren’t available with any house or condominium purchase. The main focus of a luxury villa is a palace two or more stories tall, at the center of a vast acreage of land.

Beautifully landscaped gardens have many notable details such as large pools, and decorative water features such as ponds, waterfalls, and fountains. Palm trees grow well in this region. Best of all, you won’t have to do any of the landscaping yourself, the gardeners will do it for you. Enjoy sitting on the patio in warm Spanish weather, viewing the vast lands of your property in front of you, full of lush green plants, trees, bushes, and fragrant flowers.

Great features of Spanish Villas

Live-in-Finest-Luxury-Villas-in-SpainOther features you can enjoy in your luxury Spanish villa include large double-doored entrance ways that lead into a vast lobby, with hanging crystal chandeliers. Many of the homes on the Haute Residence site feature double wrapping staircases to the second level.

Expect to find additional room amenities in your new luxury villa, including a games room, home theater, board room, and ballroom. If your villa is lacking, we can recommend designers who will convert your rooms to your preferences.

Is an indoor and outdoor pool not enough for you? There are dozens of properties located on the ocean. Homes are situated at the perfect viewing point to see the beautiful blue expanse of the sea. Keep your yacht close to you in port. Take seconds to stroll down to the beautiful sandy beaches for a swim, then return to your villa for a relaxing soak in the hot tub or Jacuzzi.

If sporting activities interest you, you may purchase properties with tennis and basketball courts, or vast lawns where there is a golf course already waiting for you.


You’ll be sure to find a special luxury villa in Spain when you search through the Haute Residence website. Once you’ve completed your new real estate deal, you’ll soon be able to experience luxury living at your new luxury villa in Spain.